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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why join The Wise Traveller?
  • How long does my membership last?
  • Can my membership benefits be transferred to another person?
  • What other benefits are included in my Wise Traveller membership?
  • Lounge Access: Does my membership entitle me to access airport lounges?
  • Lounge Access: Is VIP Lounge access free once I'm a Wise Traveller?
  • Lounge Access: Can I invite others to join me in a VIP Lounge?
  • Lounge Access: Where can I find a list of lounges available worldwide?
  • Lounge Access: Do I need to show my card to access lounges?
  • Lounge Access: Where can I find more information about my lounge access?
  • Car Rental: Which rental companies partner with The Wise Traveller for discounts?
  • Global Roaming: What number comes with my Global Roaming sim?
  • Global Roaming: Can I browse the internet and check email from my phone?
  • Global Roaming: Can I use voice mail on my global SIM?
  • Global Roaming: Will I be able to use my current cell/mobile phone?
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