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Bali An Island Of Art, Surfing, Bargains & Of Course Golf

Bali, one of Indonesia's favourite destinations for the international traveller offers much in the way variety catering to all types of traveller.  The luxury hotels in Seminyak and Nusa Dua, budget accommodation for backpackers in Kuta, yoga and wellbeing retreats in Ubud along with the hidden gems on the north and north east coast. 


However, among all the many activities available are some of the best golf courses in Asia.  Here we highlight hole by hole 3 of the top course on the island.


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New Kuta Golf Course

Golf In Bali - The Wise Traveller

This spectacular golf course is located on the southwest rim of the Bukit Peninsula, and it overlooks the Indian Ocean and Balangan Beach. This means that each hole offers breathtaking views. Only a short twenty-minute ride from the International Airport, this resort is perfectly located. This makes it an excellent choice for great golf and a relaxing vacation destination.


The golf course offers an exceptional clubhouse, offering views of the 9th and 18th green. In addition to some great views, there is also an excellent menu, full bar and Spa. Here you can truly experience the magic of Bali, represented in the immaculate sunsets.


New Kuta Golf Course website


The Holes

The first hole is a Par 4 that plays 350+ yards from the black tee. Your drive needs to be played right of the centre in order to avoid the bunkers. Your second shot needs to land to the left side of the green to avoid the bunkers to the right.

The third hole is a Par 4. With 400+ yards and a narrow fairway, the well-guarded green with beach front property surrounding it means that you have to keep your drive right. This allows you to carefully place your second shot on the centre of the green.

The fourth hole is a 300+ yard Par 4, and it is a narrow one. This means that you have to drive your tee shot to the middle or slightly right. Your second shot finding the green has to be accurate, primarily because of the good coverage and the well-contoured surface of the green.

The fifth hole is a 300+ Par 4 that requires accuracy to place your drive just short of a lake in front of the green. With good bunker protection, this green will make you work for your birdie.

The sixth hole is only around 130 to 150 yards, and is a Par 3. That does not make it an easy birdie or par though. The combination of a large green with heavy crosswinds across this island green ensures that accuracy is essential during your approach.

The eighth hole is a one of the most gorgeous holes on this course. However, the beauty should not distract you, because it is also the most difficult hole in terms of accuracy. A solid bunker with trees, sand and a long narrow green all mean that your skill off the tee will be tested.

The ninth hole has a 500-yard fairway to the hole that requires you to stay left of the fairway. If your second shot is hit well, it sets you up for a short iron onto a long green with plenty of green protection.


The 10th hole is a 300+ yard Par 4. If you can accurately hit your drive, you can be on in two; this is only for those who have power and accuracy. Watch for the water to the left.

The 11th is a 300+ yard Par 4 where a good drive means that you only need a short iron to get on. This hole features a split green, with water to the left and dangerous bunkers abound.


The 13th is a long Par 4, with water in front of the green and plenty of gusts to take your ball for a ride here too.


The 14th is a long Par 4, some 300+ yards that plays directly into the wind. Try to play the left of the fairway. Your second shot is downhill, and you must make sure that you consider the bunkers to reach your approach shot. This hole offers one of the most dramatic ocean views on the course.


The 15th hole is a renowned, picturesque hole that overlooks the coral reef below. This Par 3 will test you because of its swirling winds and a very narrow green


The 17th plays well as a Par 4, allowing you to take a good shot to the heart of the course, but you have a tricky second shot to deal with because of a long, narrow green that runs to the left. The design of this green allows you to think you are in Scotland, and it is considered to be the hardest hole in Asia.


The final hole is a Par 5 that shows that the 18th hole is more than just a formality. You have to drive off the tee with strength and accuracy to be able to get a decent second shot. Because there are some large bunkers that surround the long and well-contoured green, your putter will be tested to even make par here.

Bali Handara Golf Course

Golf In Bali - Handara Golf Course - The Wise Traveller

Bali Handara is located on the island of Bali. It is renowned for being a spectacular destination and having the highest Mountain Golf Course in Indonesia today. The greens are made with Creeping bentgrass, while the fairways have Kakuyo grass mixed with local grasses. Peter Thomson along with Michael Wolveridge & Associates was responsible for the design of the course. The course is a Par 72, and plays 6,983 yards for the pros and 6,371 yards for regular enthusiasts.


Handara Golf Resort website

The Holes

The first hole is a dogleg left Par 5 where a drive to the centre will give you a good shot at the green that is soft with bunkers on the right side. You need to centre your shot or aim just left to get to the green.

The third hole is a very challenging Par 4 with a river on your right and out of bounds on left, and doglegs right. The green is an open one with one bunker to the right.

The fourth is a Par 3 that has an option to birdie if you are accurate from the tee. If not, you might find yourself in deep trouble – the hole is surrounded by bunkers.

The sixth is a Par 4 and hitting a good straight drive to the centre of the fairway puts you in range of the green. However, around 50 yards before the green, there is a creek that plays across the fairway. There are also bunkers alongside both sides of the green.

The seventh is a decent Par 4, where a solid straight drive will get you to the green on your second shot. There are bunkers on both the right and left of the green.

The eighth is a Par 4 dogleg left with a pond located right at the turn. A decent approach to the green gives a good shot with a small trap front left.

The ninth hole is a sweet Par 5 dogleg left. A solid straight drive positions you for a straight long iron and leaves you a PW to the green. There are traps on both sides, so make your shots accurate.

The 11th offers a challenging Par 3, with a narrow fairway and trees to left. There is also a sloped green to make your approach even more difficult.
The 12th is a Par 4 that has a left slanting green, and bunkers on each side.

The 13th hole can be a bit of a hazard if you cannot control your drives. With bunkers on each side of the fairway at driving distance, accuracy is the name of the game here.  Drive over the bunkers and you are on the green in two. Watch for the bunker on the right side of the green.

The 14th   is a par three that has birdie possibilities. If you are accurate enough, you will be able to avoid the sand on both sides of the green.

The 15th is a long Par 5 where you must drive left of the centre to avoid a bunker on the right. The second shot must land just over the front bunker that protects the left sloping green.

The 17th is a long, 400-yard Par 4 with sand on the left and water on the right near the drive-landing zone. A bunker protects the front of the green as well.

The final hole is a Par 5 and the longest on the course. Your drive should be left of the centre, and your second shot comes with an iron or hybrid right of the centre. These are both to avoid the sand. The flag is protected front right with sand traps.

Nirwana Bali Golf Course

Golf In Bali - Nirwana Bali Golf Course - The Wise Traveller

This spectacular ocean front golf course was designed by Greg Norman, and it provides world-class golf for all experience levels. You are able to play golf in one of the most challenging and photographed courses in the world today. This course is located at the Nirwana Bali Resort, and plays through rice paddies and along ocean cliffs.


Nirwana Bali website

The Holes

The first hole is a Par 4, and it is a 383-yard beauty, taking you across rice patties and monster bunkers. Once you get downhill, the green is protected on both the left and the back.

The third hole is a Par 4 that goes uphill, with a creek running across and wetlands in front of the green

The fourth hole is a Par 4 that requires you to draw long, and you will need some good iron action to get to the green afterwards.

The fifth hole is a Par 4 course that allows you to blast your driver fully in order to get your second shot onto the green.

The sixth hole is a Par 5 that requires you to start with a long, slightly left drive. Here you have a good second shot on this dogleg left, all the way downhill to the green. You should expect strong gusts of wind, because you are hitting towards the ocean.

Hole seven is a dramatic Par 3, one that demands you to be accurate. Make sure that you do not go short on your approach, because you will regret it.

The eighth hole offers a long Par 5, requiring a well struck drive in the left fairway. Because of its well-protected small green, this hole is going to offer a challenge to players of any skill level.

The 11th hole offers a Par 3, but it demands an accurate iron drive to the left of the green if you want to aim for par (or better).

The 13th hole is a challenging Par 4 that makes the right club selection especially important. Make sure that you play your drive between the bunkers, and then you are able to chip onto the green from there.

The 16th hole is a Par 4, excellent for those who like to drive long. The downhill run offers you a chance to carry onwards from the creek onto the green.

The 18th hole is a stunning Par 5 finish that allows you to drive to the right centre where a large hit can get you in the right position for an excellent finish. Do not allow the creek in front of the green to ruin your last approach.

Quick Accommodation Options In Bali

Golf In Bali - Accommodation - The Wise Traveller

There are of course 100's of accommodation options in Bali, ranging from backpacking hostels to luxury ultra-star resorts catering to all your needs.  Here are just a few options and if you really want the best rates join The Wise Traveller and get private hotel discounts - yes, a shameless plug.

Bali Mandira Beach Resort and Spa

The Bali Mandira is a modern beach resort, with an oceanfront. The hotel is located on Legion Kuta Beach, surrounded by a lush tropical setting and large white sandy beaches. You are able to relax by the pool or the Spa after a long day of golf. Because the hotel is perfectly situated near restaurants and shopping opportunities, all your needs can be met when staying here.


Room price range – $150 to $220.

Grand Hyatt Bali

The Grand Hyatt Bali offers you a chance to escape in luxury. The design of the hotel is spectacular enough, in typical water palace shape. There are five lagoons, pools, and a world-class spa. The hotel has five restaurants and three bars, meaning that the only reason you may want to leave this perfect resort is to play golf on one of the many nearby courses. Depending on your preferences, rooms vary from deluxe to suites, all the way to villas.

Best hotel rates via The Wise Traveller

Room price range – $240 to $350
Suite prices – $580 to $2,240
Villa prices- $2,000 to $2,500

Bali Garden Hotel

The Bali Garden Hotel is positioned directly on Kuta Beach, meaning that the hotel is within convenient distance to shopping, restaurants and entertainment options. The hotel makes for a perfect base to explore the sights and sounds of Bali. You are also close to your favourite golf resort.

Room price range- $120 to 150

Dining In Bali

Golf In Bali - Places To Eat - Mosaic Bali - The Wise Traveller

You will never starve in Bali with food options at every turn, on every corner and in every bar, hotel and even the golf courses.  But if you are up for a little bit of a treat whilst relaxing or after your game, why not try one of these options, and if not we recommend going local as the Balinese cuisine offers a unique culinary experience.

Ku De Ta – Bali

Opened for business in 2000, this exciting restaurant features gourmet global cuisine, with International Mediterranean influences. With more than a dozen menus, it is safe to say that everyone is able to find something delicious to enjoy here. The restaurant offers an outstanding wine list, even receiving prestigious awards from Wine Spectator. Expect moderate to expensive prices when dining here.

Ku De Ta website

Mozaic – Bali

The experience of Mozaic is one of ever changing menus, meaning that you might be in for a pleasant surprise each time you dine here. You are in for quite an experience as Chef Salan offers you a choice from four unique 6- course menus. These menus range from the Chef’s tasting menu, Tapas Menu, all the way to a Vegetarian Menu. You can also make a special reservation for a private Dinner Experience with the Chef. Expect moderate prices.

Mosaic website

Hard Rock Hotel Bali

Not only do you have the opportunity to stay at the Hard Rock Hotel on the beaches of Bali, but if you do not believe that you have had enough music, excitement, and rock and roll (not to mention lots of comfort food) the Hard Rock Cafe awaits you.   Whether you are in the mood for burgers and fries, wings, or a good steak, you know that the Hard Rock Café has everything that you might want. Expect low to moderate prices.

Hard Rock Cafe Bali website

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