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Wise Travellers enjoy world class:

  • Private hotel rates
  • Discounted car rental and flights
  • Travel tips, tricks & advice
  • Exclusive member benefits 
  • And peace of mind with comprehensive travel insurance

All in an easy annual subscription.

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Conditions apply, members eligible up to 79 and children under 21 qualify for family options.
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Become A Wise Traveller

Going on holiday without insurance is like jumping from a plane without a parachute. Every Wise Traveller needs backup to ensure their travel plans don’t spiral into a mess.

Award-winning. Not just another travel insurance operator. The Wise Traveller offers unbeatable, affordable and comprehensive travel cover. With an all-inclusive annual subscription, you can enjoy a growing list of fantastic travel benefits. From exclusive accommodation and airfare to vehicle rental discounts.

We give those travelling on business or leisure the safety, confidence and security they crave. Serving thousands of travellers for over 10 years, our world-class insurance protection is backed by global leader Zurich Insurance Company Inc.

Our subscriptions are eligible for those up to 80 years old and include COVID-19 cover. We give you peace of mind that we have you covered. Before you step on a plane, think about becoming a Wise Traveller.

So why not join now and become a Wise Traveller.

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