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What Is It About People Thinking Europe Starts And Stops With France?


Europe Is More Than Just France

If I hear one more person bleat on about how wonderful France is – especially when they have never been there in the first place – I really will scream! As a person who has been to France literally dozens of times and who has actually worked for a French company for seven years, I do feel qualified enough to declare that France must arguably be the most over-rated country on this great planet of ours!

Okay, France does have a number of things going for it: picturesque countryside, quite nice food (good but hard to agree it's the world’s best cuisine!) and there are certainly sights in Paris and other parts of the country that are well worth a visit. However, if you have ever been to Paris on more than just one occasion, you should soon agree that there are many just as attractive and interesting cities in the world.

Europe may well be a small continent; however, it has more cultures and things to see in this small area than most other parts of the world. Look north to beautiful Scandinavia, for example; or southwest to Italy and especially the immensely historic and beautiful city of Rome. Now it really is fair to say that this city compares if not beats Paris; even in terms of romance.

Trevi Fountain Rome The Wise Traveller Stockholm Sweden The Wise Traveller


I have often tended to find that it is our Americans cousins who seem to have a rather unrealistic vision of France and exactly what it is all about. They have heard that Paris is reputed to be the most romantic city in the world and it would seem that the buck just stops there. Personally, I would like to see the many deserving cities and countries of Europe move further forward in the years to come. If this means having to express our opinions more candidly in the future, then so be it.

Of course, I fully appreciate that this is merely my own opinion on this matter. I have no doubt than many people will absolutely disagree; however, as I feel so strongly about this issue, I simply had to get it off my chest here. Thanks for humouring me!


Helsinki Finland The Wise Traveller
St Peters Rome Italy The Wise Traveller


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Quin Hoskins  | January 20, 2015
Categories : Travel
Tags : Stay Active, Italy, Paris, France, Rome, Europe, Scandinavia
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