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According to the best time to get the best deals on hotels in the likes of Oslo, Stockholm, Sydney and London is between February and March.  Planning to go to Barcelona or Istanbul? Try booking in Nov & Dec for the best deals.

Agoda, one of the many on line booking sites, has recently created an info-graphic showing the best (and worst) times during the year to get the best hotel deals for 25 major cities globally.  Calculated on the average price per hotel room paid by customers.

This is for room prices only and does not necessarily take in to account the best time for travelling to each city, such as climate and availability of attractions.

In general the cheapest time of the year to travel is January & February in the northern hemisphere, whilst June & July for Dubai & Hong Kong have been known to provide good value deals.


Best Time To Travel To 25 Cities


Wise Travel News  | August 16, 2014
Categories : Travel
Tags : Business Travel, Stay In Comfort, Hotels, Hotel Deals