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The Jewel Of An Addition To Changi Airport


If there’s one airport that always seems to feature prominently whenever awards are being given out, it has to be Singapore’s Changi Airport. This airport has won the title of being the World’s Best Airport on a number of occasions in the past. And now, with the latest jewel added to their crown, it is highly likely that this airport is just about to earn even more brownie points.


The fact that there will be a new shopping mall coming to Singapore certainly won’t knock any of us sideways with shock, but wait for it; if we told you this was a $1.5 billion shopping mall that strongly resembles the appearance of a jewel, we would imagine we have caught your interest a whole lot more? What’s more is the fact that this new feature of the airport will be able to handle a much larger capacity between terminals 1 to 3 and there will even be remarkable features such as a man-made waterfall and other wild flora within the dome.


Apparently, the airport had an uncovered car park to serve terminal 1 that had always proven to be very unpopular with customers. This was primarily down to the fact that the island of Singapore experiences real downpours regularly throughout the year. So, the airport decided to locate the car park underground and then they built this magnificent jewel on top to ensure they stand the strongest chance of securing the World’s Best Airport accolade for many more years to come.


We’ll all have to take our hats off to Changi Airport and admit that they really have pulled out all the stops this time; well done for such an innovative and futuristic addition to your airport!

Changi Airport Jewel

Changi Airport Jewel

Changi Airport Jewel

CHangi Airport Jewel The Wise Taveller

Wise Travel News  | December 15, 2014
Categories : Travel
Tags : Stay Relaxed, Airports, Singapore, Changi Airport