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A Good Time to Glimpse the Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis Norway

As winter draws on in the Northern Hemisphere, many people start to turn their attention to planning their summer holidays. With the dark and cold nights upon us, it seems like the only thing left to us that will cheer us up during such gloomy times. However, you might just want to think about slipping a little extra break away into your early New Year schedule that will allow you the chance of glimpsing one of the most spectacular displays put on by Mother Nature.

With flights more accessible, frequent and reasonably-priced than ever to countries like Norway, Finland and Iceland, this could well be your best chance to catch a sighting of these ethereal and mystical light displays. On clear nights up in the Arctic Circle, often you will be able to trace green, blue, purple and other coloured lights dancing across the sky. Those who have been lucky enough to see them always state that it is an experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Do bear in mind that there are no guarantees of catching the Northern Lights, better known as the Aurora Borealis when you head to these northern climes; however, it really is well worth making the effort for the chance.

Readers in the Southern hemisphere may well be surprised to learn that there is actually a phenomenon known as the Southern Lights (or the Aurora Australis). Unfortunately, though, as there is far less land in this hemisphere, compared with the Northern, you only usually get the chance of seeing the Southern Lights in the darkest depths of Antarctica. It is doubtful that regular flights will catch on in the same way here as in the north.

Aurora Borealis Aurora Borealis

Wise Travel News  | December 22, 2014
Categories : Travel
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