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Long Or Short Flights Here Are 3 Apps To Help Pass The Time

3 Apps To Fight Airplane Boredom The Wise Traveller


Whether your next flight is six hours or sixteen, an uncomfortable long-haul flight can seem interminable. Make sure you're prepared by downloading these apps to your phone or tablet before you board:

Audible Apps To Fight In Flight BoredomAudible (iOS / Android)

While dry, tired eyes may not be up for reading hours on a long haul flight, audio books are a welcome respite from the sounds around you. In comes Audible, an Amazon company, an app that lets you download and listen to books for a very reasonable fee. Simply choose several books, download them to the app, and be prepared to relax through your next long flight. App free to download. Subscriptions: first 30 days free, monthly $14.95.

Triposo Apps To Fight In Flight BoredomWorld Travel Guide by Triposo (iOS / Android)

Forget to make a plan before getting on the plane? Not to worry – the World Travel Guide by Triposo app contains comprehensive information on over 20,000 destinations worldwide and, best of all, the data is stored offline so you can access it without an internet connection. Free with in-app purchases.


SleepBot Apps To Fight InFlight Boredom The Wise TravellerSleepBot (iOS / Android)

For those of you able to sleep during flights, SleepBot may be the perfect weapon for waking up with a foggy head. SleepBot tracks your sleeping patterns so it can wake you up during a light sleep. After you're awake you can also track detailed sleep statistics with nifty graphs. While flying, the app seems to be most effective by placing your phone or tablet on your lap. Free.


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Wise Travel News  | March 06, 2015
Categories : Travel
Tags : Stay Connected, Flying, Technology