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The Wise Traveller's mission is to ensure everyone's travels are well insured while learning to become wiser travellers and world citizens through new ideas, products, and experiences.

Through travelling you become more aware of yourself and others, their history, culture and idiosyncrasies. It's a life-enhancing experience that can redefine you in ways you have not even imagined.

We believe a Wise Traveller has a global view and…

  • dreams, acts and sees all travels as an experience,
  • is curious, brave, a little quirky, humble and has manners,
  • grows personally and professionally through every trip,
  • travels regularly, alone or in a group,
  • defines what luxury is in all his or her travels,
  • knows all travel is human travel,
  • meets old friends or makes new ones,
  • sees travelling as both an Art and a Science and learns all he can,
  • always tries something new,
  • volunteers his time and ideas to make the world better,
  • builds memories that will last define the future,
  • shares all experiences with others,

Every Wise Traveller is a book being written.

Our mission is to help travellers in their life journey as it requires constant learning and access to ideas that will make it easier, safer, cheaper and even more of an experience than originally intended.

That is why we have created The Wise Traveller and we continue to seek out new ideas, products and experiences to bring to you.

Richard & Henrik
The Wise Traveller Founders

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Australia: +61 2 8046 6277*

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Richard Batka
CEO & Co-Founder
Richard leads the strategy and operations for Wise Traveller.

Henrik Sundhed
Director & Co-Founder
Henrik leads our efforts in international markets.

Eva Leonard
With 17 yrs as a travel editor and writer, Eva leads our content team based in NYC.