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With a keen desire to help travellers everywhere make the most of their adventures, The Wise Traveller has been paving the way for smarter, safer, and ultimately more fulfilling travel experiences since its inception in 2011

With deep ties to the corporate world, The Wise Traveller founders Richard Batka and Henrik Sundhed knew they both wanted something more out of life than fancy offices and days spent helping build the dreams of others while theirs sat sullenly on a shelf. Naturally, with a pre-existing love of travel and this realisation firmly in place, it wasn’t long until Batka and Sundhed decided to turn their shared passion into their day job as they began consulting with travel and finance clients.

After much collaboration, some ups and downs, and plenty of trials and tribulations, The Wise Traveller was at last born! Offering members a one-of-a-kind subscription designed for travellers by travellers, Batka and Sundhed have been able to successfully negotiate what they refer to as a “bundle of products and services” that serve as a benchmark for quality and value for their loyal members.

The Wise Traveller - About Us

Simply put? When you’re subscribed expect to get the very BEST from this passionate team who have dedicated almost a decade of their lives to making the products and services of some of the biggest names in travel and finance more accessible to the everyday person.

From reduced rates on breath-taking hotels in exotic locations, and comprehensive international travel insurance to personalised tips and tricks you won’t find anywhere else, and so much more… there truly is something for everyone to appreciate.

Lux Life Travel & Tourism Award Winner 2020 - The Wise Traveller
Best Travel Insurance Provider
Wise Traveller wins best travel insurance 2020 with South East Asia Business Awards - The Wise Traveller

Best Travel Insurance Provider
Best In Singapore - Travel Insurance - The Wise Traveller
Best Travel Insurance
Wise Traveller wins most unique travel subscription 2021 with South East Asia Business Awards - The Wise Traveller

Most Unique Travel Subscription
Wise Traveller wins best travel agency 2021 with South East Asia Business Awards - The Wise Traveller

Best Comprehensive Travel Agency

Best Travel Insurance 2021

Best Travel Benefits Subscription Asia Pacific 2021

Travel Subscription Service of the Year 2021

Travel Experts
of the year 2021
Travel Insurance Provider of the year 2022 - The Wise Traveller
Travel Insurance Provider of the year 2022

Best Travel Insurance In Singapore 2023

Best Travel Insurance
of the year 2024

And when asked what makes The Wise Traveller such an asset to travellers, Batka had this to say:

“At the end of the day, we’re here to help our members make the most of their travels by sourcing for them the best products, deals, and providing all that we know and have learned along the way. It is through these efforts that we hope to instil in them the love we have for experiencing new places, cultures, and experiences so that every trip they take can be nothing less than absolutely life-changing and unforgettable.”

Have a question or need to get in touch? Feel free to send us an email and a member of our team will respond as quickly as possible. Safe travels!

Contact Us:

The Wise Traveller Pte Ltd  (Reg:  201108119D)
1 Scotts Rd
#24-10 Shaw Centre
Singapore 228208
Singapore: +65 3158 3598*
Australia: +61 2 8046 6277*


* Please note these are not a 24 hour emergency service.  For member assistance while travelling visit our Help Centre or contact member@thewisetraveller.com

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Richard Batka
CEO & Co-Founder
Richard leads the strategy and operations for Wise Traveller.

Henrik Sundhed
Director & Co-Founder
Henrik leads our efforts in international markets.

Eva Leonard
With 17 yrs as a travel editor and writer, Eva leads our content team based in NYC.