Travelling the world isn’t cheap. Whether you’re seeking an overseas job to fund your next adventure, or you’re searching for a more permanent role that will allow you to get paid for wandering the world, here are ten of the coolest jobs that you can do whilst travelling.

Travel Writer

The much coveted world of international press trips and jetting off around the globe on writing assignments might be exceedingly hard to get into but is surely one of the most exciting ways to travel. Seeking out the extra-ordinary, sourcing recommendations from locals and dining in the world’s best restaurants is all part of the job.

House Sitter

Fancy getting paid to live in another country for a couple of months? Join up to a house sitter website and keep your eyes peeled for potential jobs in your preferred destination. People hiring house sitters tend to be wealthy, so chances are that you’ll find yourself looking after a chateau in France or a luxury villa in Italy.

Long Haul Flight Attendant

There may not seem to be anything particularly glamorous about serving passengers cups of tea and demonstrating safety instructions, but long haul flight attendants for major airlines are allocated at least 24 hours off once they reach their destination. This not only provides you with ample opportunities to explore far-flung locations, but you’ll also receive a hefty discount for when it comes round to booking flights of your own.

Coolest Jobs When Travelling - The Wise Traveller

Water Slide Tester

It may not be the most common job in the world, but it’s perhaps the most fun. First Choice advertised for a water slide tester for the first time in 2013, providing an opportunity for one lucky person to get paid to travel around the world testing our water slides at water parks from Turkey to Jamaica.

Yacht Crew

You don’t have to know how to sail to spend half the year sunning yourself on a luxury yacht in the Caribbean. Those wealthy enough to be seeking crew for their boats also want cooks, nannies and even stewards who can serve them canapes and champagne as they relax on deck. The pay is usually plentiful, allowing you to save up to spend the remaining half of the year travelling wherever you please.

Ski Instructor

If you’re a lover of mountainous landscapes and adventure sports, why not fuel your passion and discover pastures anew by becoming a ski instructor. Pay varies dependent on whether you’re teaching large classes of children or hired privately to give lessons to a wealthy client, but you can always expect free lift passes and an energetic social life for the months that you spend on the mountain.

Island Caretaker

Surely the most coveted job in the world, Ben Southall became the first Island Caretaker of Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef when he secured the highly coveted £70,000 salaried job several years ago. The role predominantly focused on driving tourism to the region, including writing a blog about his day-to-day experiences, giving speeches and meeting travellers from all around the world.

Coolest Jobs When Travelling - The Wise Traveller

Scuba Diving Instructor

If you have a penchant for swimming in open water and tropical climates, why not train up as a scuba diving instructor? You’ll get to spend your days swimming and diving in crystal clear warm waters, admiring colourful fish and intriguing marine life, whilst teaching others how to do the same.

Aurora Borealis Spotter

Earlier this year, Finland’s Arctic Snow Hotel recruited for an Aurora Borealis Spotter to spend the long winter nights scouring the skies above the hotels in search of sightings of the elusive northern lights. The lucky candidate will spend the next six months admiring the natural phenomenon and alerting guests to its presence, whilst they are free to spend the daylight hours exploring their surroundings.

Hotel Reviewer

Whether you’re working for an online news site reviewing a combination of both hostels and hotels, or you are lucky enough to be testing out the most luxurious villas in the world for a high-class travel company, a hotel reviewer is one of the most coveted jobs for people who love to travel.

Emma Lavelle is a UK based writer and photographer and has her own blog Field and Nest.