Using Your Phone At Take Off & Landing Deemed To Be Ok

Electonics During Take-Off A-OK

You know the drill: the fasten seatbelt light comes on and flight attendants sweep through the aisles for one final check. You hold onto your phone or laptop, unsure whether you’ll be asked to put it away or not.

Issues arose after aviation officials ordered crews to allow passengers to use cellphones and other electronics during both takeoffs and landings, citing that there were no clear reasons not to allow it. The U.S. Court of Appeals recently ruled that the government has the proper discretion on how to handles issues like this after flight attendant unions argued against the change.

While passengers may rejoice at being able to continue plugging in immediately and without disruptions, not everyone is so happy. The United States’ largest flight attendants union wants passengers to return to the old practice of stowing all electronic devices during both takeoff and landing.

Why? The flight attendants contend that using electronics distract passengers from hearing and understanding safety announcements while also phones and other loose objects could become dangerous in the case of a turbulent or emergency situation.

Unfortunately for safety concerned flight attendants, the ruling by the Court of Appeals doesn’t look like it’ll be overturned anytime soon. So for those flying with U.S. carriers: take out the electronics without fear of scolding.