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If you have a travel related product, service or website site that you wish to offer to our growing audience of global travellers, why not advertise with us?

We offer options in the following areas:

Content Placed Advertising

  • Sponsored link placements.
  • Single page/article adverts (300x300px)
  • Single page banner adverts (~1000x400px)
  • Monthly advert placement (on all content pages), subject to availability.
  • Newsletter inclusion

Sponsored Content Collaboration

  • Write an article and have it published.
  • Have an article written by us and published.
  • Independent product review.

Wise Traveller Member Demographics

  • Travel internationally 3-4 time (plus) per annum
  • Middle class with above average disposable income
  • Interested in improving their travel experience with increased value, unique activities and or travelling within a defined budget.
  • 55% of adult members are single or no children
  • 45% of adult members have a family of 3 or more
  • 65% are resident in the Asia Pacific region (incl Australia and NZ)
  • 25% are resident in Europe

Other Wise Traveller Collaboration Opportunities

We also have a number of other way to collaborate including:

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