Enjoy the journey that you always dreamt of without all the hassle and the risks of a self-planned trip.

We have all your travel covered.

Travelling is one of the world’s best feelings, whether it is a short trip or a long trip, feeling the plane take off the ground, hearing the engine turn on, feeling the train pull out of the station, it’s always the same boost of happiness that we crave. 

Yeah, travelling is a superb experience that changes our perspective of our life and makes us feel special.

As a traveller, I have felt this emotion countless times, but like all of us… I just can’t get enough!

But as every travelholic, I was involved in a day-by-day life that forced me to put my dreams on the shelf and put my head on the regular job I used to have.

There was no way out.

I was missing it so bad, but I knew I was not the only one.

My colleague and Co-Founder were feeling the same way.

Still, our passion for travelling was so strong that we could not think about anything else, and you know what, here’s the thing.

YES, we loved taking planes to destination everywhere

YES, we loved exploring local traditions and tastes

YES, we just adored plunging into new cultures and scents

BUT - and I’m sure you’ll agree - for every journey we took, we had to overcome the most tedious and frustrating task ever: THE PLANNING  

Planning a journey can turn into a nightmare as you have to jump across an infinite number of platforms that claim to be offering the best solution possible.

From trying to find the best hotels within your budget to understand the best local transportation available...it is a long process that takes forever to figure out.

Haven’t we all been there at some point or another?

As if this was not enough!

WE can’t even trust that the arrangements we made through travel sites aggregators.

will 100% meet our expectations!

Nowadays, you really can’t trust what you see these websites promoting online…

I can’t even count how many times I have ended in a place that didn’t even look close to the one I booked...

Through my experience, I realised, as I believe many of you have, that self-planning is never risk-free...

It truly is a hit or miss situation, and you never know which will be your case until you are there and then you can’t really do much about it!

The travel site aggregators never really give any guarantees that your requests have been handled according to your wish...

It doesn’t matter what kind of traveller you are, a frequent flyer that likes collecting memories around the world or just somebody looking to break the monotony of their life …

We all need and deserve a trustworthy portal, that will make sure we enjoy every bit of our trip

As they only avail the finest facilities available that ensure we get the appropriate luxury and relax

Don’t you agree?

Well, if your answer is YES, then you will love what we have in store for you…

You have the unique opportunity of becoming not just a traveller but a WISE TRAVELLER by becoming a member of our ever-growing family.

You just need to pick a plan from our selected range to start enjoying the trip you always dreamt of!

To meet everyone’s expectations, we offer two kinds of annual membership, secure and premium, so that you can choose according to your traveller’s soul.

When you subscribe to one of our plans, whether it is secure or premium, you get access to a series of benefits, some of which will surprise you.

The benefits range from travel insurance to hotel discounts so you can get the best trip ever!

Most travellers reach to us for travel insurance but decide to stay for the many delightful services we offer

Especially for our hotel discounts that can make you save up to 40% of what you would normally pay on websites offering this service.

Do you want to rent a car? 

Not only can you do that but you will also take advantage of our discounts!

Do you need an airport transport service?

We got you! You can have it, and simultaneously you can relax in an airport lounge.

How awesome is that?

Imagine if you were on your trip and finished your data? What will you do?

Don’t panic; we have figured this out too!

We offer several voices and data roaming options from global sim cards to roaming w- fi routers via our preferred partners so you can always stay connected to your family or friends!

You can post your beautiful pictures on Instagram in real-time without any worries!

All these amazing services are included in both secure and premium subscriptions.

So, what is the difference, you ask?

With our premium package, you get more travel insurance, and as a bonus, premium members receive add-ons or some free inclusions.

We all had to push our passion for travel aside last year, but things are looking, dare I say, brighter this year.

With the vaccines being distributed worldwide, we are sure that travel, as we all love, will SOON resume! FINALLY!!!

Take this time to pick the destination or destinations where you always wished to go and leave the rest to us; with our plan, you are in good care!

After the last year, we all have concluded that life is too short to keep on putting your dreams on hold. Instead, we all should make the most of each experience.

At the Wise Traveller, we understand more than ever this, and that’s why we have come up with something special for our beloved returning members.

YES! On top of the 20% discount on the standard price already reserved for them, our existing members will get an extra 5% discount when renewing their annual subscription!

Can you believe it?!

And to seal the deal, we are extending the commencement date.

So you can take advantage of the discounts by paying now and start using all the other services while, and this is the best part, your travel insurance will start up to 6 months later!

Isn’t it mind-blowing?!

This means,

You can enjoy a quick getaway domestically with our discounts on hotels or rental cars to recharge your inner energy without leaving your country!

Can you see your dream trip come to life right now?

We sure can do it! And We can’t wait to take a trip and escape our everyday routine!

So what are you waiting for?

Join us now and become a member of our Wise family to get the most of your travelling experience!

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Family subscription rates available for children under 21.
Detailed information will be requested after payment.

Compare Wise Traveller Secure v Wise Traveller Premium

Wise Traveller
Up to Age
Total Travel Cover up to
Trip Length
Up to 90 Days
Up to 90 Days
Medical Expenses**
(incl. COVID medical expenses, plus US$100 per day for quarantine after out-of-country diagnosis)
COVID related is limited to US$100,000
COVID related is limited to $200,000)
Cancellation & Curtailment
(incl. COVID related cancellation or curtailment)
COVID related is limited to US$1,500
COVID related is limited to US$2,500
Lost or Damaged Luggage
Death or Permanent Disability
Travel Delay
Luggage Delay
Car Rental Excess
Emergency Dental

Adventure Activities

Cruise Vacation Cover

Skiing & Snow Sports

Terrorism & Kidnapping

Loss of Credit Cards

Loss of Cash & Travel Documents

24/7 Emergency Assistance

Emergency Evacuation

Private Hotel Discounts

Private Car Rental Discounts

Airport Lounge Access Options

Global Roaming Options

Exclusive Lifestyle Benefits

Premium Member Promotions

 *Conditions & sub-limits may apply, all benefit limits are fixed in USD, other currencies are approximate only and based on FX rate at time of publishing.
** Excess of US$50 on medical claims only

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The Wise Traveller is a membership program that includes comprehensive travel benefits, insurance and exclusive discounts. The Wise Traveller travel cover inclusion is underwritten by leading global insurance provider Starr International Insurance (Singapore).

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