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6 Tips To Saving On Your Travel

Tips To Saving On Your Travel - The Wise Traveller


Do you love to experience everything that travelling has to offer, but are on a strict budget? There are many ways to save money when travelling, without compromising on the quality and comfort of your holiday. Read on for our top tips of how to travel in luxury without breaking the bank.

1. Stay with Airbnb

Instead of splashing out on an expensive hotel room, treat yourself to a stylish apartment, cosy cottage or luxury treehouse on Airbnb. Ensure that you select ‘entire place’, drag the price bar to the maximum you are prepared to pay, and sit back and scroll through the selection of accommodation in your destination.


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There is an abundance of choice, it’s just a matter of being patient and discovering the hidden gems. Not only does Airbnb often work out cheaper than a hotel room, but you’ll have your own kitchen in which to store food and cook your own meals during your trip, subsequently meaning that you won’t have to eat out for every single meal.

2. Be flexible with your travel dates

If you have a rough idea of when you want to travel, but don’t have to fly on a specific day, you are more likely to find cheaper flights. Use websites such as Skyscanner to compare prices with various airlines (don’t forget to check the box to also check nearby airports – sometimes the extra taxi ride can work out cheaper than flying from your closest airport).


If you have a little more time to spare, it is worth looking at the websites of individual airlines to see which dates are the cheapest to fly in and out of your chosen destination – you’ll be surprised at how extreme the prices can fluctuate from day to day.

3. Look for deals at restaurants

If you already have a long list of places that you would like to eat at, it is worth checking out their websites before you fly to see if they do any special deals on certain days or at particular times. Most high-end restaurants will also require bookings, so you can ensure that you get a table at the same time as cutting costs by planning ahead.


You could also browse discount sites such as Groupon, which may surprise you with the calibre of restaurants that they supply offers on.

4. Reach out to locals

Social media is a great place to speak to locals ahead of travelling, and gain a few insider tips for your chosen destination. Rather than spending money on generic guidebooks or expensive tours, send a message to a local whose Instagram feed shares your aesthetic and ask them for advice. You’ll have your eyes opened to off the beaten track restaurants and boutiques that you otherwise may not have discovered, without having to spend a penny or investing too much time.

5. Research your destination

Organisation is key. If you spend time researching before travelling, you can compile a list of free activities to partake in once you arrive. Some cities offer free museum and gallery entry on certain days of the week, or you may discover a botanical gardens or historical building with free entry. Most key tourist hotspots will let you book online at a cheaper price and also avoiding the queues on the day.

6. Plan how to get around

Dependent on where you are staying, you may wish to hire a car or use public transport to explore your destination. If you are planning on hiring a car, organise this before your trip rather than relying on premium priced rental companies based near the airport. If you are staying in a city, check if there is a travel card that will work out cheaper than buying single tickets every time you use the underground, tram or buses. 


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Emma Lavelle is a UK based writer and photographer, why not check out her blog Kisses And Cross Stitches.


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Emma Lavelle  | August 17, 2015
Categories : Travel Tips
Tags : Stay In Comfort, Budget Travel, Leisure Travel
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