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Nepal Remains On Travel Advisories Despite Reopening Of Unesco Sites

Nepal Travel Advisory - The Wise Traveller

At 11:45am (local time) on 25 April 2015, the beautiful Himalayan kingdom of Nepal was struck by a truly devastating earthquake. Much of the country’s infrastructure was destroyed and tragically 8,000 of people lost their lives. Even the capital city, Kathmandu, was shaken severely by the quake and suffered considerable damage; however, the main epicentre was located some 80km away.


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Nepal has always maintained a unique and mystical allure for travellers. Be this the scenery – which would be hard to beat in any other nation on earth; or the special cultural and religious significance of this idyllic kingdom, for many the idea of a holiday in Nepal really does feel like the ultimate travel destination. Also, lest we forget that the southern foothills of the World’s highest mountain lie within the borders of this country – Mount Everest. Alas, this was brought home even more vividly following the earthquake as a number of people lost their lives in this region as a direct result of rock falls and avalanches.


Aid workers have been in the country doing their best to help the people affected by the disaster. Being so mountainous and with many isolated communities in Nepal, the infrastructure even before the earthquake was rudimentary and now many of the country’s roads have been destroyed.


Travel advisories are still in place and uniformly state that any non essential travel to Nepal be avoided for the foreseeable future as aid and reconstruction work continues.  With six of the seven Unseco sites in Nepal closing immediately after the earthquake hit the damage to this small country continues even after the natural disasters have faded with the economy now suffering with massive falls in tourism.


There have been efforts by the Nepalese to reopen a number of the damaged sites to assist with the dwindling tourism numbers however as of June 11, Unseco released an official statement asking the public to be extra cautious if visiting effected sites.


Photo Credit: National Geographic

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Wise Travel News  | June 16, 2015
Categories : Travel
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