Psychic Abilities To Tap Into On Your Travels

Travel has long been known as a remedy to get yourself out of a rut and expand your mind. Being exposed to foreign languages, new cultures, and interesting people can help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and the world you live in. In fact, those who travel extensively often find themselves tapping into talents they never knew they possessed.

Our brains are incredibly mysterious, and most scientists and doctors agree that there are untapped areas of each of our brains that we have not yet begun to understand. This makes the concept of psychic abilities entirely plausible, and these abilities begin to get stronger through mind-broadening experiences such as travel.

Many researchers believe there are more than 17 psychic abilities you can develop and tune into if you truly put your heart and mind into it. These abilities, which include astral projection, automatic writing, and telekinesis, can be used for a myriad of reasons and can be especially useful for those who travel extensively. Here are three abilities to research and practice to help you on your next adventure.

Aura Reading

Indian religions believe that every individual has a colour or visible presence that represents not only how he or she is feeling, but also what kind of character they have. If you learn to read auras through intense study and practice, the information you can receive will be invaluable. Wouldn't it be nice to know if the nice man who offers you a ride to the airport in Singapore has good intentions? Or if the person you're considering traveling the world with has the right energy to mesh with your own?

Aura reading not only helps you discern whether or not a stranger is trustworthy, but it can also help you offer sympathy and compassion to those who are in pain or suffering. When you intuitively know your traveling companion needs a break or that the innkeeper who is being rude to you is hurting, it can help you offer empathy and avoid arguments.


Psychometry is very similar to aura reading, only it is performed on objects rather than people. Objects are thought to store information in their energy fields related to the experiences they've had and the people they've come in contact with. By developing your psychometry abilities, you can develop a psychic link with an object and tap into this valuable information. Imagine being able to learn from photos, furniture, and walls in the Anne Frank home in Amsterdam or from the sand at the Pyramids of Giza. This is especially helpful in ancient locations where most of the people who could give you similar information died hundreds or even thousands of years ago.


Those who have tapped into their claircognizance abilities often know what is going to happen well before the event takes place. Though some may play this off as coincidence or mere leaps in logic, the claircognizant individual knows that it goes much deeper than that. With this ability, images tend to pop into the person's head. They can be about future or past events or about other people and, if you are properly tuned in, you will know without a doubt that these images are true.

Claircognizance can be used to warn of danger (knowing the plane you are about to step onto won't make it to the destination), give you information about fellow travelers, or help guide you to some incredible out-of-the-way places like Namibia, Africa that aren't in your guidebook.

Developing your psychic abilities is helpful in any situation, but can be especially useful in the often stress-filled world of travel. By being able to better know those around you, learn from objects you encounter, and intuit the next step to take, you can create more fulfilling travel adventures and better enjoy the experiences along the way.