Who is Joanna Stich of From The Outer Side?

Always looking to provide travellers with top trending, influential information and allowing you to ‘stay connected’ before and while you travel, Wise Traveller profiles up and coming travel blogger Joanna Stich, who is behind From the Outer Side. Our profile series allows you to get to know the person behind some of the most popular and influential travel blogs.

About Joanna

Originally from Poland, Joanna Stich has lived in Ireland since 2004. She also lived abroad in the United States, in Boston and New York, which inspired her to start her lifestyle blog, From the Outer Side. She writes about fashion and travel.

Let’s Get to Know Joanna

We asked Joanna a few questions about her life as a traveller.

What is your favourite destination and why?

Greece. It definitely [has] the most beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. It's so wild and natural.

Blogger Profile - Joanna Stich From the Outer Side - The Wise Traveller

What was your worst travel experience?

One time when I was flying to Poland for Christmas we had to have an emergency landing due to one of the engines catching fire. The plane couldn't land however as there was a snow storm and we were circling over Warsaw for what seemed like ages until we could land safely.

If you could only give one single travel tip that you think would be the most helpful what would it be?

Don't forget to charge your camera.

Who are your favourite travel blogger and why?

Johnny Ward at One Step 4Ward. He inspires me because he reached his goal of visiting all countries in the world and with the money made he helps children in underdeveloped countries.

What is the one thing you would never travel without?

Wet Wipes. 

Joanna Stich - Blogger Profile - The Wise Traveller

What was the single most influential thing that drove you to travel blogging?

When I started researching my honeymoon destinations and I could not find a single post that would satisfy my curiosity and give me enough information about a particular destination I found there was a gap in thorough, detailed informational travel blogs.

What advice you would give someone wanting to become a travel blogger?

Be thorough with all the information you give to your readers. To produce valuable content, you need to know it's 100% correct – take notes for everything you do while you travel – how to get there, cost, transport options, etc.

What do you do when not travelling?

I work full time in the hospitality industry. However I am currently looking to move into digital marketing should an appropriate opportunity arise.


Joanna’s blog provides lifestyle content and tips for luxury travel. Read more about her in the Who Am I? section of her blog. She shares tips such as how to travel lightly and guides to destinations that include Prague and Portugal. From the Outer Side was nominated as the best newcomer for the 2017 Irish Beauty Blog Awards. Follow Joanna on Pinterest.