Who is Anthony of The Travel Tart?

Anthony is a blogger from Australia who writes The Travel Tart, “the travel blog that doesn’t take itself too seriously.” Anthony’s blog doesn’t give you the traditional rundown of most destinations—he actively seeks out the weird, wacky, and wonderful side of travel. The Travel Tart even has a mission statement:

I, the Travel Tart, shall devote my life to endlessly finding dubious ways (ie providing dodgy and Funny Travel tips) to finance my ever worsening travel addiction, to experience as much culture, fun, and people’s hospitality as possible before I leave this planet.

As a member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers, Anthony’s writing has also appeared in Travel + Leisure, Frommer’s, Lonely Planet, the Guardian, and loads of other travel publications. He also moonlights as a social media consultant. The Travel Tart also features information on destinations, a list of useful travel links, and Anthony’s own Beer Index.

Let’s Get to Know Anthony

We asked Anthony a few questions about his life as a traveller.

What is your favourite destination and why?

Every I’ve been and everywhere I’m yet to visit.

What is your worst travel moment?

Every time I come home from overseas. I get the post travel blues extremely bad!

What was is your most memorable travel moment?

In Tangier, Morocco, there is always a chaotic transfer between the ferry from Spain and boarding a new bus in Morocco for onward destinations like Fez and Marrakech. Anyway, Tangier is notorious for it's hustlers who try and scam money for providing services you didn't want, ask for, or need. In this case, I knew which bus I needed to board, but I had one persistent hustler follow me around for 15 minutes giving me 'advice'. I politely said I didn't need it and knew where to go. I kept ignoring him even though he kept on dishing out his 'helpful' comments. Anyway, after I had loaded my own backpack on the bus, he demanded money for his 'services'. I was annoyed at this and said no because I didn't ask for his help and didn't use his advice anyway! He then pointed his finger to the sky and shouted 'Well I hope that my god makes your bus crash and you're the only one who dies!' I didn't know whether to be in shock or laugh!

If you could only give one single travel tip that you think would be the most helpful what would it be?

The best travel experiences I’ve had is where I’ve only booked my entry and exit points, and have done everything in the middle off the cuff and unplanned.

What, if any, is the one thing you would never travel without?

My underwear!

What advice you would give someone wanting to become a travel blogger?

Don’t think it’s going to be easy – unless you have a six pack or look great in a bikini and have a gazillion followers on Instagram!

The Travel Tart Summary

Anthony says The Travel Tart is geared towards anyone who loves travel and a laugh at the same time and includes the all important, for Australian's anyway, Beer Index, Anthony's answer to the better known Big Mac index. Help him meet his mission in life by checking out his 52 Offbeat Travel Tips.

Learn more about Anthony at The Travel Tart.