Is it possible to maintain a romantic relationship when you’re constantly on the road?

This soon-to-be-married travel writer says yes.

It’s not easy to keep the flames of passion stoked when you’re always in absentia, recovering from jet lag, or missing yet another family gathering because of some conference in Fiji (poor you, right?). But it’s possible.

Here are 10 simple ways to keep your significant other (SO) happy about giving you yet another ride to the airport.

Top 10 Relationship Tips For Frequent Flyers

1. FaceTime your face off

Don’t plan it. Be spontaneous and FaceTime or Skype your SO in the middle of the day, just to say “hey.”

2. Complain about your trip

Bitching and moaning – especially about business travel destinations that end in an “i” (Hawaii, Maupiti, Tahiti) – will make your SO feel like you’d much rather be at home with them.

Oh, and you might want to skip the gushfest about your afternoon snorkelling session followed by “business” cocktails on the beach, especially if it’s February and your partner is stuck in, say, Detroit.

3. Always bring souvenirs

Bribing them with gifts will train your SO to look forward to your trips because of all the loot you come back with.

4. Avoid Facebook posting

If your SO is stuck somewhere cold/boring/stressful without you while you’re busy posting pics of some fun-looking conference or exciting business trip, you’re likely to come home to one pissed off partner.
Wait to share photos til after your SO has seen them and heard about your trip first-hand.

5. Bring them with you

…especially if doing so is a pain-in-the-you-know-what. Show them exactly how boring, demanding, stressful, or uneventful your business trips tend to be (even if that’s not exactly the case). Your SO will not only never ask to come along again; they’ll feel sorry for you every time you leave and be much nicer to you when you come home.

6. Buy yourself a recovery day(s)

While your SO has been eagerly awaiting your return, you’ve been battling the crowds at endless airports for hours on end. This means that you’re completely exhausted while they are chomping at the bit to hear about your trip, make love (eep!), go out to dinner, get drinks with friends…

What’s a frazzled business traveller to do?

Tell your SO that while your body gets back in town on Friday, your heart, soul, and mind will be joining the party Sunday night, and would they like to go out to dinner then (and not a moment before)?

7. Show them the silver lining

If your SO hates it when you go out of town on business, it’s your job to make their ‘alone time’ more palatable.

Schedule spa dates, girls/boys’ nights out, and encourage activities that could most accurately be labelled as “me time.”

Having a blast in your absence will make seeing less of you much more appealing to your significant other.

8. Quit (or threaten to)

Perhaps your frequent business travel is only temporary, or you’re planning on keeping up the rigorous schedule for the next few years then quitting.

If that’s the case, take care to remind your SO that the nightmare will be over soon, and before they know it you’ll be there all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week….(this technique often results in the SO changing their tune about your chosen profession as they imagine being stuck with you 24/7…)

9. Always say good morning and goodnight

This will keep you feeling close to each other no matter what time zone you may happen to be in.

10. Go on a virtual date

If business travel takes you out of town for an extended period of time or falls during an important relationship event like an anniversary, you can still spend quality time with your SO by going on a virtual date.

Get take-out from the same type of restaurant and have dinner together over Skype, watch the same movie on Netflix, or take your partner on a tour of your destination via smartphone. Even a quick virtual date works wonders to keep the flames fanned and make everyone feel better about your frequent business travel.

How do you keep your significant other happy when you’re constantly on the road?

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