For this week’s round-up of the best travel stories on the internet, we’re delving a little deeper than usual to bring you some thought-provoking pieces that will hopefully get you thinking.

TWomen Who Travel - Amelia Earhart - The Wise Travellero begin, Conde Nast Traveller have wrote a piece introducing their Women Who Travel podcast. This eight episode series aims to discuss the realities of travelling as a woman today, delving into topics such as where it is and isn’t safe to travel to at the moment. Every week, they want their listeners to get involved by asking their own questions, and they’ll be talking about and to some of the most influential women in the travel industry. Head over to the article to find out the subjects of the debut podcast.

Asia One have published an article discussing travellers opting for bespoke travel experiences. Rather than having to organise every individual element of your trip separately, the experiences that the article details take care of absolutely everything, allowing travellers to simply enjoy their trip. Journeys are tailored to the individuals, meaning that the services are suitable for absolutely every kind of traveller.

This Week In Travel - The Wise Traveller

Over on Digi Day, a handful of media executives have been sharing their business travel horror stories, some of which will make you want to investigate your airline before boarding a flight. From being thrown out of an Uber on a motorway to finding out mid-flight that the plane’s safety record is questionable, reading these tales will make you cringe. Do your own travel horror stories measure up?

Travel Tech On The Cheap - The Wise TravellerAnyone who likes to take their tech with them when they travel will appreciate this article from ZD Net, sharing how the author built the ultimate travel kit on the cheap. Including everything from power adapters to cables, this is an essential read that will make you realise that travel accessories don’t have to be ludicrously expensive – it’s all about doing your research before making a purchase.

And finally, the Guardian are heading to one of this year’s most popular destinations to allow their readers to share their expert travel tips for exploring the Andes. From affordable guesthouses in the mountains with luxurious hot tubs to soak in after a long day of walking, to cable car eco-adventures, this is the definitive list for anyone wishing to travel to the region. We dare you to read the article and not want to book flights to South America.