Travel Blogger: Kristof Eyckmans - Instagram Influencer

Always looking to provide travellers with top trending, influential information and allowing you to ‘stay connected’ before and while you travel, Wise Traveller profiles Instagram influencer Kristof Eyckmans. Our profile series allows you to get to know the person behind some of the most popular and influential travel blogs.

About Kristof

Kristof is an Instagram influencer and luxury travel blogger from Belgium who has a background in aviation and tourism. He currently lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Let’s Get To Know Kristof

We asked Kristof a few questions about his life as a traveller.

What is your favourite destination and why?

I have several but South Africa is probably my favourite. It offers amazing nature, wildlife, mountains, beaches, food,, culture and the best weather. There also a wide choice for travellers who are on a budget, or who want to have the ultimate luxury.

What was your worst travel experience?

Travel Blogger: Kristof Eyckmans - Instagram InfluencerBeing terribly sick during a road trip through Turkey

What was is your most memorable, inspiring or life changing travel moment?

Probably my first visit to South America. I was 14 years old, and my parents took me on a trip to Ecuador to explore the Andes, the Amazon rainforest and the Galapagos Islands. That was 25 years ago, before it became a really popular holiday destination and everything was so new and amazing.

If you could only give one single travel tip that you think would be the most helpful what would it be?

Do as the locals. They know where the good places are, how to get around, what is important…

What’s your favourite travel related quote?

Life is like a book, and those who do not travel only read the first page.

Who are your three favourite travel bloggers and why?

Ben Schlappig: I’m a real aviation geek and he just makes really good reviews. His hotel reviews are also very nice.

Debbie Pappyn & David De Vleesschouwer: together they make “Classe Touriste” and they are great in what they do. Somehow they always show destinations from another angle.

Robert Michael Poole: he is a great mix of blogger, social media influencer and as a bonus he takes amazing pictures. He’s always up to meet the locals and learn from them.

What, if any, is the one thing you would never travel without?

My iPhone.

What was the single most influential thing that drove you to travel blogging?

My love for travelling and to talk about it to others as they always ask me for advice and to see some of my pictures.

What advice you would give someone wanting to become a travel blogger?

Wise Traveller RecommendedMake sure you write about what you like, and not about what you think people want to read.


Kristof captures his travels through his amazing images on Instagram, where he currently has more than 100,000 active followers he also maintains a modest Facebook page. You can also read some of his blog posts "Experience White Pearl Resort" and "Review: Palace Of The Lost City".