Top 11 Things You Don't Admit Doing In Hotels

No, I don't mean the sort of thing that happens in Asian "boom boom" hotels, but then again, Asia doesn't have a monopoly on those types of establishments.  Are you the type of person to live in the moment and to take advantage of the hotel cocoon feeling?

The door locks behind you as you cross the threshold. You step into a space of indulgent luxury.  And, that space is larger than the size of your toilet at home, which is probably the only other place you get "alone" time.  You just checked in to your hotel.

So what guilty misdemeanours do people get up to when alone, or sharing with a cohort of similar mischievous proclivities?  Being pseudo grown-ups, maybe we should own up to the childish antics that we berate our offspring for.

What Do You Do In A Hotel Room? Top 11 Things You Don't Admit Doing In Hotels - The Wise Traveller - Cupboard

Sticky Beaking

Upon arrival there is always a sticky beak moment, when you just have to look in every drawer, cupboard, closet, and of course the mini fridge.  This one I am totally guilty of and I haven't worked out why I even bother looking. It is not exactly Easter Bunny territory when hidden chocolate Easter eggs will be the reward.  Chances are the only things you will find is the compendium with the hotel's "very" important information in it, and possibly a copy of a Bible for a bit of late night reading. Oh, and hopefully a bathrobe and grandpa slip on slippers to do a bit of floor buffing with.

Using Both Towels

Going it alone in a hotel room is the best way for those that love to indulge in a bit of self pampering; fill the tub (forget about the water restrictions) preferably with bubbles, crank the music right up and float in the tub with a glass of wine and a good book.  You can be in there for hours with no one to tell you to hurry up.  The bonus: being able to use "both" bathroom towels, as we are not the ones doing the laundry. We promise ourselves that we will worry about the plight of the planet's resources tomorrow.  Or if you aren't into bubble bath delights, have bathtub races with anything in the room that floats, such as the covers for water glasses or soap wrappers.  You could even pull out the shower cap, fill it with water, rubber band it and then you have a water ball to throw against the tiled wall.  Make yourself a tantalising hat creation out of toilet paper. That is a definite must when bathing.

What Do You Do In A Hotel Room? Top 11 Things You Don't Admit Doing In Hotels - The Wise Traveller - Woman in a bath tub

Walk Around Naked

You can walk around naked with no one saying you have a fat bum or heaven forbid if you are female, saying you should get a wax.  Even doing a bit of a dance if the music is still on, which in my case it would be.  Some people would argue about closing the curtains; to me it's optional and depending on exactly who or what is outside your window.  A wicked sense of playing up to a voyeur's expectations staring intently through binoculars, would be far more liberating from my point of view.

Now have you been guilty of these hotel faux pas?

Being Childish

Jumping on the bed is another childish indulgence and a show of bad behaviour that most people would always deny, with pillow fights coming in at a close second if sharing.  Beware of the hard surface of the bedside table, if toppling off the bed is more your style when playing acrobats.

My Mini Bar

Raiding the mini fridge in the middle of the night, only to be mortified the next day as to the cost of that packet of peanuts that begged to be gorged, is a guilty pleasure that no one can deny doing.  Having "bed picnics" of club sandwiches and salty hot chips whilst watching your favourite movie, for which you have paid a fortune, is another hotel pursuit to be relished.

And everyone at some point would be guilty of not notifying housekeeping when you have finished with your tray and diligently placed it outside your door for collection.  I work on the walk-by theory, that at some point one of the housekeeping staff will appear on your floor walking by.  So long as the messy left overs are not in my room, it is ok.

Always the pen/pencil and note pads are a given to be taken.  When travelling it is painful having to write on serviettes at cafes, especially if you are only given one to use for your meal.

Here are also 5 luxury hotel amenities you don't really need.

Steal The Goodies

What Do You Do In A Hotel Room? Top 11 Things You Don't Admit Doing In Hotels - The Wise Traveller - Bath Salts

The all time favourite is to pinch the toiletries.  Just because you didn't use them, doesn't mean that you didn't pay for them right?  And, some hotels have the most amazing soaps and shampoos from local boutique perfumery shops, all packaged beautifully and ready to slip into a toiletry bag.  Make sure you check the tops first as there is nothing worse than getting home to see that your theft lead to repercussions of the squishy toilet bag variety. At least the shower caps are not fair game to toiletry thieves unless the occupants are of the over 65 variety. My pet hate: when the bathroom shelves are elaborately decorated with earthenware pots of deliciously smelling bath salts or shower gel that are the refillable variety.  These are a tad noticeable by staff if found to be missing and will promptly be added to your credit card, if you take one of those with you.

Don't Take The Table Lamp

Hotel credit card charge adding also applies to any home improvements/decorations/linens that you may have the temerity to be admiring in-situ and realise how fantastic they would look in your own home. Be realistic, they will notice if that table lamp has walked out when you did.

If you are so totally bored with your own company and crave a bit of conversation, there are several remedies for this state of being.  The proper one is to go to the hotel bar and chat to the barman, or whoever happens to be on the stool beside you.  If you do not wish to leave your room, especially if naked wearing a toilet paper hat and not wanting to get dressed, just ring reception and have a chat about the local sights.

Top 11 Things Most People Don't Admit Doing In A Hotel

1. Checking all the drawers and cabinets
2. Using more water than necessary
3. Walking around naked with open curtains
4. Using more than one towel
5. Enjoying a bed picnic
6. Jumping on the bed
7. Taking the toiletries
8. Leaving tray out without calling
9. Checking what pens or stationery to keep
10. Eating or drinking more than you should from the minibar
11. Watching adult pay per view

Gail Palethorpe, a self proclaimed Australian gypsy, is a freelance writer, photographer and eternal traveller. Check out her website Gail Palethorpe Photography and her Shutterstock profile.