Top 3 Hotel Tech Trends in 2015

What’s the primary thing we all do when we enter a new hotel room for the first time? That’s right, we all spend at least the first half an hour orientating ourselves with the room and getting to grips with the new technological gadgets that are at our disposal. Let’s face it, the more contemporary gadgets available to us, the better! It’s definitely fair to say that technological facilities and advancements will always be a huge draw for hotel guests and the year 2015 is shaping to be a particularly good one.

Mobile Check-in/Check Out

The first thing to look forward to is the opportunity to enjoy mobile check-in and check-out at far more hotels. We all hate to wait in a long queue first thing in the morning especially, so this facility is likely to prove to be increasingly popular with hotel guests. Depending on the hotel group, you will be able to check your bill, make your payment and check out, even after you’ve left the hotel.

Improved Room Service

 3 Hotel Tech Trends For 2015How often do you dial the room service button on the telephone in your room only to be connected to an operator who speaks very poor English? When an order should only take a matter of minutes to place, you may well find yourself explaining your choices for a quarter of an hour or more: it really is enough to put you off placing an order again. This is where the new iPad for room service ordering is going to prove to be a huge boon. All you need do is click a few buttons on the iPad in your room, then you can look forward to your hot meal being delivered. A number of hotels have commenced the introduction of downloadable room service apps which allow the use of either your iPad, tablet or smartphone allowing you to order as you are on the way back to the hotel so your meal or drinks are arriving about the same time as you do.

Keyless Entry

Have you ever been locked out of your hotel room because the keycard has decided not to work? Far too many times, no doubt! Well now, a number of hotel chains are now looking at the prospect of introducing keycard-less systems in the future. This should prove to be far more reliable than the present system and would mean less visits back to the reception to get them to recharge the card. One of the first larger groups to begin introduction of this new system is Starwood promising a faster, if not non-existent, check in process as well.

All of the technological advancements mentioned above are all designed to make life for us in a hotel that bit easier. Now all the hotels need to do is install bedroom doors that don’t slam at 100 decibels every time, then we’ll all be much happier!