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  • Ideas for Instagram Reels to share on your Travels - The Wise Traveller

Ideas for Instagram Reels to share on your Travels

To grow your Instagram account and to reach more people with your travel content, you need to post regular Reels. Reels is one of Instagram’s newest and most popular features, allowing users to create short 30-to-60-second-long videos to share on their feeds. Struggling for ideas for your Instagram Reels? Here are a few suggestions for Reels to share on your travels.

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  • Five City Antics You Can Get Up To - The Wise Traveller

Five City Antics You Can Get Up To

You find yourself in a city and wonder what to do—it could be a strange city far from home or your very own city that you have never taken the time to explore. You may only have a day or so, or longer. Every town has a few common characteristics; either big doses of exciting vibes or, at the other end of the scale, those literally referred to as the 'back of beyond.'

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  • How has Instagram changed the way we Travel - The Wise Traveller

How has Instagram changed the way we Travel

Instagram has become a major deciding factor for how, where and why we travel. People are travelling to destinations just to take photographs to share on their Instagram accounts, hoping to grow their followers by visiting popular places. These locations that have become popular on social media are now stuck in a never-ending loop – the more people that arrive to take and share photos, the more popular they become.

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  • Bucket list travel - 5 trips to start planning now - The Wise Traveller

Bucket list travel: 5 trips to start planning now

We may not be travelling much at the moment, but there are better ways to use these strange times than to mope and wallow. In between taking staycations and exploring your own country, take the time to plan those trips that you’ve always dreamt of taking. Planning a bucket list adventure takes time – something we currently have a lot of. Create a spreadsheet, dedicate a notebook, get pinning on Google Maps and start saving images of the places you want to visit on Pinterest or Instagram. Here are five bucket list trips that you should start planning for now, to build excitement for when travel opens back up.

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