American Airlines Welcomes New Boeing Dreamliner

American Airlines recently announced routes for the first Boeing 787 Dreamliners in its fleet, sending frissons of excitement through the flying world as airplane aficionados welcomed the decision. Prior to the announcement, United Airlines was the only U.S. airline to operate the Dreamliners. At the moment the airline has definitely ordered 42 of the planes with options to round out their purchase to 100 in total if necessary.

Dreamliner Welcomed By American

What's so special about the Dreamliner?

In terms of practical aspects, the Boeing planes are quite efficient on long-haul flights compared to most other planes. For those international flights, the Dreamliners will have Wi-Fi as well as seats that can recline completely. American Airlines also plans to offer a 3-3-3 seating configuration which would allow a luck 48 of 198 seats to gain a whopping 6 extra inches of legroom.

In terms of less practical but perhaps more dazzling aspects, the planes will offer large windows that can be lightened or darkened with just the push of the button as well as color-changing mood lighting.

Where will the Dreamliners fly?

So far American has announced several flight paths. Beginning May 7th, American will offer one domestic route from Dallas-Fort Worth to Chicago O'Hare. The next month passengers will be able to fly on two international flight from Dallas-Fort Worth: to Buenos Aires or Beijing.

Booking has already begun but with such a buzz around the new, sleek Dreamliners, don't expect those luxurious seats to last very long.