Confusion reigns, well for some folks, on how to share their holiday photographs with their nearest and dearest, whilst they are gallivanting around the globe.  Or, maybe it is a case of purely wanting their friends to have a hearty dose of the green-eyed monster.

Below are listed a few web sites that make the cut for ease of letting everyone know the feast that your eyes are having, as well as the perfect recipe for collecting your pics in one place, just in case your camera or mobile phone get hijacked.

But first think about what you want to do:

  • Do you want to automatically sync those images via a folder on your desktop or a smartphone app?
  • Are you concerned about privacy and want complete control over who is peeking at your snaps?
  • Do you need full-sized/full-resolution upload and download?
  • The cost - yes it boils down to how much do you want to pay for the storage of your incredible images. Smartphone images take up less space than point-and-shoot cameras. 

Sites to consider so that you can show-off your adventures:


You don't need an account to view the photos and you can choose the audience for each photograph making it excellent for group photo sharing.  It will take full-size uploads/downloads and has automatic photo sync via the Flickr smartphone app. You can share albums on Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest or Facebook, plus you get 1TB of storage "free" - if you don't mind adds popping up.  If you hate seeing adds you will have to pay to get rid of them.


The private space to share your snaps without the drama of social-focused sites such as Facebook; Cluster allows you to invite people via emailed links.  You won't have any editing options, but it is a free service.  You do need an account to see the pics and only the people that you have invited can view your masterpieces. It will take full-size uploads and downloads, but there is no automatic sync happening here. 


Not the right site if you want to store and print photographs at a later date, as your photos will be compressed, Instagram is more for the social butterfly that wishes to conjure up the green eyed monster in a global audience.  You can play with the editing features, create collages and add different filters to your memorable moments.  You do get unlimited uploads and the cost of storage is gratis, but there is no automatic photo synchronization.  You do need an account to see the photos and you can set the privacy control for who can see them.

Google Photos

The giant "Google" offers free storage for unlimited happy snaps that are downsized to a "standard" size. If you want the full watt impact of megapixels happening, then you will have to pay a fee for the privilege. There is automatic photo sync happening via iPhone and Android apps with an option to sync to a private album, so that you can stop anyone from sharing your album. You have options such as a slideshow view and editing tools to play with.

Apart from the above there is 500px for those that are into hard-core photography (not family snaps), Shutterfly if you want to turn your photographs into creative products and Zenfolio for the professionals.  Keenai is great if you use multiple cameras for your photography adventures, so this is another hard-core photographer's space.

Happy snapping!

Gail Palethorpe, a self proclaimed Australian gypsy, is a freelance writer, photographer and eternal traveller. Check out her website Gail Palethorpe Photography and her Shutterstock profile.

Banner Image: Bill Dickinson @ Flickr