Travelling post-Covid is now becoming easier than ever - even when you are keeping your feet firmly on the ground. If you want to get ahead in 2024 with the latest flight apps, then why not check out these digital marvels that will make your journey run as smoothly as possible:


As one of the leaders in tracking flights worldwide, FlightAware offers the next generation in accurate and actionable data with insights about every aviation decision. FlightAware allows you to explore the skies around you, or specifically to track any aircraft to any airport and stay on point with their flight plans.


A new flight tracker causing a stir is Flighty: a self-proscribed first-class flight tracker primed for those always on the move. Its software has been designed to be able to predict flight delays. The leading cause of delays is a late inbound aircraft: Flighty automatically monitors that for 25 hours before departure. Another cause of delays is airspace mandates: Flighty gets direct FAA access to alert you. No other app automatically monitors and alerts you.

App in the Air

With over 6 million users, App in the Air provides a comprehensive overview of personal travel. Whether planning a relaxing getaway or flying to an important business meeting, App in the Air removes the complexities of travel. Instead, it streamlines the entire travel experience, from simplifying planning and booking to providing the information you need before, during, and after your trip. The app is designed so you can plan, book, track and manage your travels. You can get real-time flight notifications for check-in, boarding times, gate changes, and delays.


For travellers looking for a cash-saving alternative, Hopper is one of the most popular on the planet now in use. Hopper has many deals that can save up to 40% off. Hopper analyses airfares for flights using AI and historical flight data to predict when prices will be at their lowest to give its users the best price parameters. All the flights, hotels, rental cars and homes are real, with no hidden fees or charges.


The beauty of eSky, another popular travel app, is that you can easily research all you need for hotels and flights while comparing prices elsewhere. It also enables an app user to filter the results based on preferences. More in-built choices include deals, cars, insurance, attractions and parking.


One of the best-known apps in the travel search field, Kayak offers the most updated search results on airline prices, including low-cost carriers. It provides alerts on price drops and real-time intel on flight status and gate changes. If you have flexibility in travel dates, check out their “Explore” sub-feature, which usually offers the best deals.

Best Of The Rest

For those looking to do a deep-dive into more apps, then you will be spoilt for choice on hotel, flight and other deals. and Skyscanner are among the leaders in this sector. With these apps, flying and travelling have suddenly become much more accessible, cheaper and efficient in providing users with the information they need.

Andy Probert - The Wise TravellerAndy Probert is an experienced freelance business travel journalist and PR specialist.