Entering the workforce for the first time, especially after putting so much time and dedication into your studies is an exciting prospect!

It can also be overwhelming.

Once you start your career, you’ll officially be on the “hamster wheel” of society, whether you’re working 9-5 or a night shift. While you’ll undoubtedly get vacation benefits, they usually don’t kick in for a while, and you might only be allowed a few days off here and there.

Should You Take Time to Travel Before Looking for Work? - The Wise Traveller - Snow Walk

With that in mind, it could be a perfect time to travel or take an extended vacation. You’ve just completed a major milestone in your life and you’re about to start another. However, is traveling before looking for work the right move for you?

What Are the Benefits?

There are plenty of reasons to travel now instead of waiting until you’re established in your career. Most notably, you’ll never have this kind of freedom again. Before you dive into a career, you don’t have any strings attached. While money might be a bit tight, you can make it up easily once you start looking for a job. Taking advantage of that freedom to explore the world before settling down is something you’ll never regret. Some of the other benefits you can expect include:

  • Travel discounts (depending on your age)
  • Learning how to be self-sufficient
  • Gaining experiences that will look good on a resume
  • Growing your network
  • Learning a foreign language

It’s also a good opportunity to detox and reduce your stress before you start looking for a long-term career. By planning ahead, packing light, and traveling to lesser-known locations, you won’t fall into tourist traps and you’ll save money while exploring some of the most unique parts of the world.

You might even find that it’s easier to find a job in different parts of the world than in your home country. We’ll talk more about remote work in a minute. But, if you start to travel and find a culture you love with a strong economy that needs your skills, it could be a perfect opportunity for a fresh start in both your career and your personal life.

How to Make Budget Travel Work for You

It’s no secret that most people who graduate from university aren’t immediately bringing in a hefty income. You might already be in debt if you had to borrow money while in college. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have unforgettable travel experiences.

If you’re traveling to the U.S., you can save money by renting a car and finding ways to pay less for gas. Even if you’re road-tripping around your own country, things like keeping your car well-maintained and optimizing your driving will help you save money.

Setting a budget ahead of time will also make it easier to travel (even overseas) without worrying about your finances. As a bonus, you might find that the more you try to save money, the more naturally sustainable your travel efforts will become. Things like packing minimally, traveling during off-seasons, and choosing eco-friendly locations are all great ways to spend less and reduce your carbon footprint.

Should You Take Time to Travel Before Looking for Work? - The Wise Traveller - Road Trip

You might also consider doing a side hustle while you travel to keep a steady stream of income. Technology has made it easy to become a digital nomad, and you can work in the gig economy as often as you’d like to make a little extra cash.

Whether you want to explore the world or just other parts of your country, there’s no time like the present. Reward yourself for the major accomplishment of graduating from university, and take this time to learn more about yourself and the world before diving into a full-time career.