Berlin, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, each of these cities has amazing culture, unparalleled history, and beautiful architecture.

Yet travelling to some of the more obscure cities in Europe, the more underrated ones, can offer you an amazing experience as well.

These are just some of my favourites that I think you should check out.

Porto, Portugal

Most Underrated Cities - Europe - The Wise Traveller

Falling in love with the second city of Portugal is not hard at all.

The city is located on the coast of the Rio Douro.

This seaside city is a melting pot of architectural styles and colours.

Ranging from classical state buildings to extravagant baroque churches, from medieval bell towers to pastel townhouses.

There is also an amazing number of wine cellars and wine caves available, making it a great location for wine aficionados.

Split, Croatia

Most Underrated Cities - Europe - The Wise Traveller

Just about any traveller is going to find something to enjoy when traveling to the city of Split.

The city is renowned for having an amazing number of bars, excellent shopping options, and fine dining.

It is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Diocletian’s Palace.

This was once the retirement palace that was developed in honour of Emperor Diocletian and it dates back to the year 300.

The spectacular views from the water are also enticing for anyone who has a passing interest in photography.

Budapest, Hungary

Most Underrated Cities - Europe - The Wise Traveller

After the first time I travelled to Budapest, I have been recommending it to anyone who is willing to listen.

It is located in the heart of Europe, and it still remains an underrated travel destination.

Even though there has been a massive influx in tourism here in the last decade, I am still comfortable saying that Budapest is undervalued.

There is not a single one thing that warrants a trip to Budapest, you just have to experience it for yourself.

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Edinburgh, Scotland

Most Underrated Cities - Europe - The Wise Traveller

Edinburgh has it all – it is the gateway to the Scottish Highlands, has plenty of Scottish culture and heritage, and centuries-old architecture.

This is a perfect alternative for those who want to experience Scotland, but with a laid-back city atmosphere.

Ferrara, Italy

Most Underrated Cities - Europe - The Wise Traveller

While Rome and Milan get more press, they are certainly not the only Italian cities with a rich history, culture, and architecture.

The city is famous for the nine kilometres of ancient walls that surrounds it.

There are some immense cathedrals and castles found in Ferrara that date back all the way to the 14th century.

The city has been home to many musicians, artists, and writers throughout its rich history.

The broad streets are perfect for strolling through and taking in the sights.

Salzburg, Austria

Most Underrated Cities - Europe - The Wise Traveller

Despite the fact that the city’s most famous export remains 'The Sound of Music', there is much more to enjoy here.

The stunning views of the eastern Alps make it easy to forget you are on the German border.

The city is a true fairy-tale, with the Old Town being the most stunning example.

Bruges, Belgium

Most Underrated Cities - Europe - The Wise Traveller

Spending some time in Bruges is almost like spending some time in a time-travel machine.

The medieval part of the town has horse-drawn carriages, sparkling canals, and cobbled lanes.

The 17th century buildings are still there, now having been converted into pubs, restaurants, and shops.

There is no shortage of tourists who arrive here every day.

The winter season might be my favourite time to visit - it is less busy and the frozen city of Bruges has an amazing, magical element to it.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Most Underrated Cities - Europe - The Wise Traveller

Even though Prague is not an 'unknown' location, it is not often heralded as a popular vacation spot.

Prague is an amazing place to visit, steeped in spectacular architecture, history, and culture.

You can find cathedrals and churches that date back to the 10th century.

Best of all, most of the locals that you will meet here are welcoming and friendly.