With so much going on in our busy modern lives, sometimes the best way to find space for yourself is to press pause on everyday life, change your scenery, and offer yourself the opportunity to process. When you’ve been through a difficult time, it can take a moment to adjust, reflect and move forward in a positive and caring way.

If you’re looking to go abroad for your restorative trip, Sri Lanka is a great destination to consider. The beautiful nature, friendly locals and slower pace of life will allow you to start on your healing journey and come home feeling calm and nourished. Let’s look at what you can expect on a healing holiday to Sri Lanka.

You can connect with nature

The landscape in this island country is truly second to none. Once described by the famous explorer Marco Polo as “one of the world’s finest islands”, the tropical beauty Sri Lanka has to offer will help reduce your stress, allowing you to slow down and feel connected to the world around you. You can explore everything from rainforests to beaches, and see some incredible creatures such as spinner dolphins, blue whales, elephants, leopards and monkeys.

If you want something slightly less wild, then arrange a tour of a tea plantation to learn more about the history and cultural significance of this important crop. The lush green hillsides of the tea farms will captivate and calm your mind, and you can absorb the scenery whilst enjoying a cup of the world’s finest tea.

Why Sri Lanka is a great place to go for self-healing - The Wise Traveller - Woman meditating

A history of spirituality and medicine

Sri Lanka has long been recognised as a centre of spiritual and physical healing. There are four traditional medicine systems: Ayurveda, Sidda, Unani and Deshiya Chikitsa. Far from simply prescribing pills, these medical systems focus on using plants and a holistic approach to wellness. These systems have been around for thousands of years, and the recipes and knowledge have been handed down    from generation to generation. Even if you don’t have a physical ailment, an Ayurvedic massage can help release stress and anxiety.

Yoga and meditation are also both common practices in Sri Lanka. These activities can help you reflect, soothe your mind and bring new intention to your life moving forward. You may worry about the language barrier, but with yoga, you can simply copy the poses the teacher demonstrates. When it comes to meditation, so much of the focus comes from within, so try to gather your own thoughts and let the words wash over you.

Why Sri Lanka is a great place to go for self-healing - The Wise Traveller - Sigiriya

Active rest

Sometimes healing is not all about sitting still. Being active can also help you process your emotions and see things from a different perspective, and Sri Lanka has plenty to keep you occupied. Why not strap on your hiking boots and climb Sigiriya, the rock-top fortress that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or explore the ancient royal capital city of Anuradhapura? You might be surprised at how cathartic you find it.

Take time for yourself

No matter what you decide to do on your trip to Sri Lanka, make sure you’re following your own instincts to create a holiday that nourishes your needs. By doing so, you’ll come back feeling refreshed and better prepared to tackle whatever life throws at you.