Heading off for a trip means that temptations are always on tap - more food, drink, the usual indulgences, but for the Wise Traveller, the need to stay trim and fighting fit for the days ahead are essential. So here we offer a few tips on keeping sharp throughout:

  1. Stay active: Rather than offer the usual excuses of not doing exercise, why not take advantage of the hotel gym, or even the airline terminal's gym or yoga area? If you are due away for several days, then try to plan your workouts around your business schedule. If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, walk to business meetings, if you can, or take transport that drops you off a ten-minute walk from your destination, so you can at least get a few blocks of exercise in.
  2. Travel light, pack trainers: If you have the space for a pair of trainers and workout gear, then do it. At least you'll be prepped and ready if the opportunity arises to get out and run near your hotel or find a gym to work out.
    12 Ways to Stay Fit While on a Business Trip - The Wise Traveller
  3. Replace the mini-bar contents: Rather than indulge in what the mini-bar has to offer during your break, pop out and get some healthy food and salad so that you can knock the temptations on the head and graze away without putting on too much weight.
  4. Grab an app to motivate yourself: With your smartphone an ever-present, turn it into an inspiration by downloading apps that can stimulate your fitness regimen or pedometers to help keep you ahead of your daily step count.
  5. Motivate yourself: Rather than have a lazy lie-in, get yourself motivated and out of your crib for an early morning workout.
    12 Ways to Stay Fit While on a Business Trip - The Wise Traveller
  6. Take in the sights on foot: If you have downtime, then it's a great way to find out more about where you are living and by walking the sites if you can. So ask hotel staff for the main landmarks and see if you can map them out on foot. It's a great way to keep fit and appreciate the locality.
  7. Bring protein bars, fruit, veggies, and vitamins: A good way to stay on the right side of healthy is to pack healthy snacks for the energy boosts you'll need when away. That way you won’t be tempted to grab a candy bar or a pastry at the airport.
  8. Drink responsibly: Which is not a carte blanche attitude to hit the bars, but to keep topped up with water and be rehydrated. Check the sugar content on bottled drinks before grabbing one or opt for bottled water instead.
    12 Ways to Stay Fit While on a Business Trip - The Wise Traveller
  9. Bored in your hotel room: You can turn your hotel room into a mini-gym by doing crunches and various other exercises to while away the time until your next business meeting.
  10. When flying: Before you board your plane, check out Google to see what exercises you can do in flight. They are simple, but they will keep your body alert and in time. Also, guard against snacking and drinking alcohol too much in-flight, as you'll be playing catch up with the weights when you get home.
  11. Eat when needed: Going on a business trip is an ideal opportunity to snack unhealthily through the flight and then the hotel stay. Maybe you need to ask yourself: What's the point of bulking up on junk? There's none, so why indulge?
    12 Ways to Stay Fit While on a Business Trip - The Wise Traveller
  12. Sleep well: As much as it is easy to get caught up in keeping fit, don't forget that it is essential to get enough sleep so your body can relax and be recharged ready for the next day. A good night’s sleep can also help prevent cravings for unhealthy snack foods the next day. So rather than go to bed late, why not turn in early and get some beauty sleep?

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