Australia is such a vast country with a multitude of climates, landscapes and holiday destinations. It is often difficult to find a beach that is not crowded by tourists and destroyed by commercialism, and here are five such places.


5 Unknown Australian Beaches - The Wise TravellerThe first of our five great Australian beaches is the beautiful seaside town of Angourie. Angourie is located approximately 11 kilometres south of Yamba in New South Wale's north coast region. Home to approximately two hundred people, the township of Angourie was built purely so residents could enjoy the headland and the beaches there. In 2007 Angourie Headland was named a National Surfing Reserve and is now protected by the national parks act and is home to one of the most amazing surf breaks in the world.

As you drive into Angourie a wave of pure relaxation encompasses you, devouring any stress upon your shoulders. Surrounded by rainforest and endless beaches, you could spend hours lazing on the sand just reading a book. As you walk along the path through the lush forest to the headland the beach materialises before your eyes. Perfect right handed waves curl along the point and golden sand squishes beneath your toes, the salty scent swirling like a tornado in your nostrils. There is plenty of places to eat in nearby Yamba with the local bakery being the standout venue. If you need somewhere to stay, you can't go past the Angourie Rainforest Retreat in Angourie. A simply outstanding venue situated amongst lush rainforest and sandy beaches, the perfect way to spend your holiday.


The township of 1770 is located on the southern tip of the great barrier reef in Queensland, Australia. Accessible by car, rail or plane, 1770 is the essence of sun drenched Australian culture. Whether it is the laid back sandblasted feel of the seaside town or the epic scuba diving off the magnificent beach, 1770 has activities to cater to the needs of all and sundry.

5 Unknown Australian Beaches - The Wise Traveller

Home to one of the only locations in eastern Australia that experiences sunset over water, 1770 also houses the northern most surf break in Australia. As you roll into 1770 you cannot help but be overwhelmed by the laid back nature of the town, setting the scene for a truly amazing holiday. Scuba diving on the great barrier reef is an unforgettable experience and cannot be missed if you visit this region, surfing also takes a popular twist in this region, with jet skiing, hiking and sunbathing also high on the list of experiences. Kahuna's Bar and Grill is located within short walking distance to the main beach precinct and serve the best pizza in the region, with that chilled beach feel to the venue. If you get the opportunity, head to this idyllic location for one of the most relaxing holiday experiences found in Australia.

Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay is located in the Cape Le Grande National Park, thirty kilometres from Esperance in Western Australia's southeast. One of the most magical and intriguing places in all of Australia, Lucky Bay is a true indication that nature cannot be surpassed in all it's beauty.

5 Unknown Australian Beaches - The Wise Traveller

Surrounded by national park and mountains, the beach shines an amazing golden contrast against the turquoise blue of the ocean. There is plenty to do in the immediate area with hiking and climbing rating high on the list of things to do. If hiking is not your scene then capture the moments of reflection as you laze on the beautiful beach, surf the break or snorkel the pristine blue of the ocean. Whatever your fancy, Lucky Bay holds a magical moment in the hearts of all those that travel there and truly cannot be taken off the lists of one of Australia's most spellbinding beaches. Accommodation in the local area is not readily available and camping is an absolute must, in fact it adds to the experience as you immerse yourself in nature's realms. For those looking for a more luxurious bed to sleep in, Esperance has a variety of hotels available, and is only approximately thirty kilometres from Lucky Bay.

Wongaling Beach

Wongaling Beach is located in the Mission Beach township, half way between Cairns and Townsville in Queensland's North. Mission Beach spans fourteen kilometres of spectacular golden beaches including North Mission Beach, South Mission Beach, Bingil Bay and Wongaling Beach.

Wongaling Beach is the closest beach to nearby Dunk island and captures spectacular natural sunsets and is an outstanding location to relax. Day trips to nearby dunk island are popular with water taxis running from the area to the pristine waters of dunk island. Nestled amongst lush natural rainforest, Wongaling beach provides a tropical climate with water so warm you'll want to bath in it. Outstanding snorkelling opportunities exist in the area and sea kayaking provides a unique prospective to the beautiful sunset.

5 Unknown Australian Beaches - The Wise Traveller

Beachside cafes adorn the region with plenty of options for the holiday shopper also in the region. From snorkelling the warm tropical waters to lazing around in the beachside cafes, Wongaling Beach is high on my list of places to visit whenever I am in the region.

Port Campbell

Port Campbell is situated approximately two hundred kilometres south west of Melbourne, Victoria. Situated on the great ocean road, Port Campbell main beach has some of the most amazing views and beach culture in Australia. Sunsets at this location are especially dramatic with multi colour patterns often emanating through the clouds as the sun drifts below the horizon. A perfect base for surfing, hiking and relaxing, Port Campbell is also within a short drive of The Twelve Apostles, one of Australia's natural wonders.

With a multitude of amazing beach side cafes and restaurants overlooking the ocean, dinner with a cocktail takes on a new meaning as the sun shines it's last rays upon the cliffs.

5 Unknown Australian Beaches - The Wise Traveller