Tips For The Perfect Pack For Your Next Business Trip

Unlike personal travel when a few shirts and shorts are more than enough, packing for business travel requires much more forethought. Unfortunately packing becomes more difficult when every day requires a polished and business appropriate look. Pack a successful suitcase by making each piece a classic that can be worn multiple times.

Invest in a compression bag.

While many people think that compression bags aren’t that useful, they’re actually one of the best additions to any traveler’s bag. Not only do they help you keep organised and minimise space, compression bags are also a great way to separate clean and dirty laundry on longer trips.

Go carry on as much as possible.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but many business travellers see a free checked bag option and use it whether they need it or not. Flight delays, missed connections, and lost luggage happen frequently enough that a savvy traveler should always pack a carry on. That way you won’t need to show up to your first meeting in sweatpants.

Business Travel Packing Quick Tips

Go monochrome.

Minimise early morning black pants and blue jackets mix ups by sticking with just one colour. By reducing the colour palette inside your suitcase as much as possible, you’ll maximise space and make getting dressed that much easier.

Avoid wrinkles.

Put business wear in dry cleaner bags. The slippery fabric means that the suit will simply slide around as the suitcase is jostled rather than getting stuck in one position, producing wrinkles. Also, be sure to avoid wrinkle prone fabrics like linen, no matter how comfortable – fabrics like wrinkle-free cotton or lightweight wool are great for that.

Cut out the shoes

(And maximise their usefulness). One pair of business appropriate shoes and one pair of casual shoes is usually more than sufficient. Wear the bulkier of the two on the plane and stuff smaller items inside the shoes you packed in order to maximise space.

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