The Cittaslow Movement, as seen in our previous three episodes, is now performing on a global scale. Here are several towns and cities that we have been able to highlight for Wise Traveller members to consider when seeking out a slower way of travelling through.

Goolwa, Australia

Goolwa was the first town in Australia to gain Cittaslow accreditation — followed by Yea in Victoria and Katoomba in New South Wales.

Cisternino, Italy

On the plains of Puglia, Cisternino is often called one of Italy's most beautiful small towns. A charming quality of the town is its strong passeggiata culture—an evening stroll for a chat. The town is famous for its butchers, who will cook your chosen cut of meat while you wait and bring it out to you. The whitewashed buildings and centuries-old town square add to the charm.

Cittaslow on a Global Scale (Part 4) - The Wise Traveller - Puglia

Bad Wimfen, Germany

This spa town with natural mineral springs is the place to wind down. It's one for history buffs, with medieval monuments scattered about the town. It hosts festivals throughout the year, and the scenic surroundings make it a spot for hikers, cyclists, river cruisers, and tour parties.

Djupavogshreppur, Iceland

Djupavogshreppur is a small coastal town that has three fjords cutting into the land, creating stunning scenery. It's the perfect place to slow down, learn the rich history of the area and take it all in with a hike.

Silly, Belgium

Silly is a Wallonia municipality located in the province of Hainaut. Halfway between Lille and Brussels, the municipality is made up of eight villages. The area features 70km of marked pedestrian trails, and the new network of cycle paths lets amateurs discover six castles hidden in parks full of remarkable trees, churches, chapels, typical old houses, and imposing old farms.

Cittaslow on a Global Scale (Part 4) - The Wise Traveller - Wallonia

Bad Essen, Germany

Bad Essen is a small, historic salt-water spa near Osnabrück in Lower Saxony. It lies at the centre of the wooded Terra Vita Nature and Geopark, part of the UNESCO Global Geopark Network. The earliest reference to Essen is in a document from the year 1100. The municipality consists of 17 localities - all of them rural with many timber framed buildings and is part of the section of the German Timber-Frame Road known as "The Beauties of the North ".

Tatlısu, North Cyprus

Located in North Cyprus, 40 km East of Kyrenia, it lies in the far northwest of Famagusta District. According to the findings of the excavation works conducted until now, historical artifacts belonging to the Neolithic Period dating back to 8200 BC were found in Tatlısu region.

These findings show the region is the oldest settlement discovered in North Cyprus. Excavation work continuing since 1996 revealed the first residents of Cyprus settled nearly 10,000 years ago.

Kristinestad, Finland

The first Cittaslow-town in Finland, Kristinestad, has centuries-old traditions as a marketing and trading town and a distinguished shipping history with its ship- and boatbuilding traditions.

Today, its centre has changed its face somewhat, but in the narrow alleys, you can travel hundreds of years back in time. The authentic and picturesque wooden town, with its wooden fences, dates from the 18th and 19th centuries, and remains one of Scandinavia's best preserved wooden towns.

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