For those of us who endure long, brutally cold winters, no season is more rejuvenating and refreshing than spring. A time of rebirth for all of the natural world, we can watch in real time as life slowly returns to our surroundings and our spirits are reinvigorated by the lengthening days. In the northeast, daffodils are pushing up through their earthen beds and the delicate yellow blossoms of forsythia are popping open; a sure sign spring has sprung.

Regardless of where you’re from, any flower aficionado will be enamored with these spectacular springtime blooms.

The Tidal Basin - Washington DC

Destinations For the Best Spring Blooms - The Wise Traveller - Kenilworth

One of the most iconic spring scenes is the nation’s capital covered in cherry blossoms. Starting in mid-March and peaking through mid-April, the blossoms draw in visitors from around the world. Crowds of tourists are to be expected, but that just adds to the excitement and energetic environment. The Tidal Basin in the center of the city magnificently reflects the beautiful pink and white flowers, offering splendid photo opportunities. Make sure to capture one of the water and blossoms with the Jefferson Memorial in the background. The Washington Monument provides another impressive backdrop to the blooming fruit trees. If you’re trying to avoid the crowds take a stroll through Kenilworth Park or visit the National Arboretum in northeast Washington.

Ennis Bluebonnet Trails and Festival - Ennis, Texas

The small town, located south of Dallas, is known as the “Official Bluebonnet City of Texas.” The quintessential flower of the Lone Star State typically peaks around the third week of April. Throughout the month of April, drive the 40 miles of trails among fields flooded in the blue blooms. The festival offers arts & crafts functions, activities for children and farmer’s markets. Enjoy live music all day while sampling beer, wine and food from local vendors.

Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve - California

Destinations For the Best Spring Blooms - The Wise Traveller - Antelope Valley The official state flower of California carpets much of the landscape throughout the spring months. And there is no better place to view these vivid orange gems than the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve in northern Los Angeles County. The blooming period varies yearly, but a visit most any time in April will assure a brilliant display. Plan for a sunny mid-morning hike along the eight mile trail that outlines the reserve. These conditions guarantee the poppies will be open, happily greeting the sun and their admiring guests. Even if the conditions don’t cooperate, try driving 10 miles west to Arthur B. Ripley Desert Woodland State Park. There, visitors can wonder at intriguing Joshua trees and enjoy the native desert flowers in bloom.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Tennessee

Alternatively known as “Wildflower National Park”, the smoky mountains are home to over 1,600 species of flowering plants. With this much diversity, there is always something in bloom. March and April burst with the dramatic scents and colors of lilies, violets, wild geranium and trilliums. May’s highlights are phlox, bleeding heart, mountain laurel, azaleas and lady’s slippers, an endangered wild orchid. In order to immerse yourself in all of the wonderful wildflower views, take advantage of the many trails throughout the park.

Mount Rainier National Park - Washington State

Destinations For the Best Spring Blooms - The Wise Traveller - Mount Rainier

The juxtaposition of wildflower meadows exploding with life and color against the backdrop of snow capped mountains is pure backwoods bliss. Reminiscent of scenes from “The Sound of Music”, Mount Rainier offers panoramic and breathtaking backdrops at every turn. The hundreds of wildflower species of the park don’t actually reach peak bloom until late July and August. All the better, you can enjoy the spring blooms of other regions and reserve the Pacific Northwest as a summer getaway.

So if you’re like me, and just awakening from an extended winter hibernation, make a trip to one or more of these wildflower havens. Bask in the warming sun and let the beautifully colored blossoms brighten your soul.

Rejoice, spring has arrived!

Aaron Walker is a farmer, writer and English tutor, grounded in an agricultural lifestyle dictated by the seasons. Bound by deep roots to his native New England, he is still often compelled to hit the open road to enjoy life’s endless journey. Contact him here Fiverr Freelance Writer or hereItalki English Tutor.