Where To Stay On Your Long-term Business Trip

If you’re away on business for more than a few weeks, shelling out for a hotel room every night can start to get pricey.

With so many accommodation options for business travellers, from serviced apartments to short-term rentals and everything in between, it can be difficult to know where to start.

  • What is the most cost-effective option for your destination? Is it worth it to rent an apartment outright?
  • Will a site like AirBnB give you the work-friendly environment you need, or will you end up sharing a bunkbed with someone’s 9-year old?

Let’s plan a virtual long-term trip business trip and see what our options are.

Virtual Business Trip Destination: Paris

If you’re staying in Paris for business, you need more than a comfortable place to sleep. A kitchenette is crucial unless you want to spend €45-70/day eating out, and a great workspace with reliable WiFi is a must-have.

Option 1: Extended Stay Hotel or Serviced Apartment

Paris is packed with hotels, but if you’re going to be in town for a while you’ll want to book at an “Apartment Hotel”, a serviced hotel, or an extended stay hotel.

This option will ensure you have the amenities you need to make the most of your trip without having to worry about sharing space or cleaning the toilet.

In Paris, you can expect the pay around €140/night for a serviced one-bedroom of about 37 square meters. Most serviced apartments include a double bed and sofa sleeper with plenty of room to entertain clients or associates. In addition to WiFi and weekly housekeeping, you’ll also enjoy your own refrigerator, stove, microwave, and dishwasher.

This option is pricey, for sure, but it’s still cheaper than paying out-of-pocket for a nightly hotel of the same caliber.

Perfect for: The busy executive with a flexible budget

Average cost: €140/night

Length of stay: Flexible – perfect for 2 to 3-week business trips

Option 2: Rented apartment

It’s easy to find a furnished apartment for rent in Paris in the neighbourhood of your choice. The trick is finding one that gives you the best location and amenities possible for the lowest price.
Furnished apartments run the gamut from as low as €64/night to €130/night and beyond. In general, these are a more affordable option than serviced apartments but offer less flexibility in terms of the commitment – a stay of at least one month is usually required.

For a single business traveller staying in Paris for one month or longer, a furnished studio in Montparnasse or Montmarte will be significantly more affordable than a regular or serviced hotel room. You’ll also have more cost-cutting options because you’ll be able to choose between a bachelor, a studio, or a one-bedroom.

Perfect for: Frugal business travellers who want privacy

Average cost: €64/night to €130/night

Length of stay: One month+

Option 3: AirBnB

AirBnB is offering more and more private rentals and hotel listings, but they still feature private rooms within apartments and homes.

If you’re a budget business traveller or want to experience French culture while living with a real family or group of housemates, a private room through AirBnB could be just the ticket.

AirBnb also gives you the option to book a hotel room, rent a private home, or secure a furnished apartment. But the charm of this option is finding a private or shared room for dirt cheap that introduces you to fellow travellers.

While some AirBnB offerings are only available per-night, the ability to message your host ahead of time and negotiate a long-term deal makes this the perfect option for business travellers on a budget.

While travelling for business in Vietnam, I used AirBnB to find a great deal on a private room within a family home. I negotiated a lower rate than was listed on the website and ended up staying for three months.

Perfect for: Budget business travellers interested in culture

Average cost: €35/night to €65/night

Length of stay: Negotiable by host

In the sharing economy, hotels have to compete with private citizens willing to rent their digs to adventurous business travellers like you. That means everyone – from high-end boutiques to guesthouses and hostels – has to step up their game and offer better services for less.

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Rebecca Anne Nguyen is a freelance writer and the Founder of TheHappyPassport.com, an inspiration site for solo female travellers.