If you’re planning on making a house move, you might have to put a hold on some things you’ve been doing, such as going out with family and friends, shopping, or travelling to your favourite places. However, just because you’re conducting a move doesn’t mean you can no longer make your trips work. In fact, you and your loved ones can enjoy yourselves during a move by going on a staycation.

This doesn’t mean just forget about your house move, though – this means there are actually ways to optimize your house move enough that you have spare time for a few days of staycation in your favourite hotel or villa! How does this work?

  • Get a location near your new home. If you’re the type to get paranoid over things you don’t personally supervise, you might want to get a room, a suite, or a staycation location somewhere pretty accessible from your new home. For instance, if you want to end your staycation by going to your new home and supervising your moving company, you can book a hotel or even a townhouse near your neighbourhood. That way you can enjoy your staycation and remain extremely accessible should professionals need your House Moves 101 - How To Make Staycations Work When Moving Houses - The Wise Traveller - Organizerassistance or input on something in the moving process.
  • Make sure a separate gadget has your schedule and organizers. Instead of using a notebook or a journal to take note of things such as your inventory and schedule, you may actually compile all the apps and documents you need on a spare smartphone or tablet and bring that with you during the move. This can be helpful when it comes to separating your house move to your leisure, as your main smartphone can serve as the main device you use to talk with your family and friends, while your spare gadget serves as your smart assistant when it comes to keeping tabs on your inventory, as well as other tasks in the moving process.
  • Use the staycation to hang out in places you can canvas new furniture and materials. If part of your staycation involves walking around town, try to add an itinerary that includes visiting a nearby mall or furniture store so you can canvas on things you might want to buy. That way, you’re having fun but at the same time still looking out for new things to add to your new home, maximizing your time.
  • Hire a moving company to secure your logistics. One of the hardest parts of the moving process isn’t really about how you organize your things, but rather the packing and transportation process. Thankfully, cross country movers may be able to do just that and more if you need to hire a team that can do exactly what you need for your move. Most movers are capable of doing almost any type of move thanks to their skill level and training, so you can rely on them to help you pack your things, transport them to your home, and even unpack your things as you enjoy your staycation.

Make Staycations Work For Your House Move

With the above tips in mind, you can actually enjoy a few days’ worth of break while making sure your moving process is still progressing properly. In fact, you may be able to plan and check on your move while you’re relaxing in your hotel room, villa suite, or even your townhouse halfway across the state or even in another country. Remember, your staycation can be one of the most relaxing things for you to do, but it’s also one of the many ways you can do your house move from afar. Good luck, have fun, and enjoy your well-deserved break!