Now that we are returning to normalcy after the coronavirus pandemic, this is the perfect chance to plan a family vacation. The time you will spend together will offer great opportunities to bond, relax, and see some amazing sights. However, since you already have children, you know what a handful they can be, and if you are going to a new and potentially unfamiliar place, then you must make safety the priority. Let’s talk about how to do just that.

Why It’s Important to Get on the Road

Those who are on the fence about taking their children on the next vacation should know that bringing them along is the best thing you could ever do, for many reasons. The greatest benefit is that they will get to experience new sights and adventures that they may not have seen before, and seeing how different parts of the world work is great for their growing brains. On top of that, you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime, and the bonding you’ll do will make your family stronger than ever before.

If you are planning to drive your car or van to your destination, then you will want to drive with your child’s safety in mind. Make it a point to have your vehicle serviced before you leave so you don’t have any unexpected car troubles that could put your family in a dangerous position. Also, pack an emergency kit that has first aid supplies, water, and food inside so you are ready in case the unexpected does occur.

Even if you are not joining your children on a road trip, you can at least give safe driving advice, which is especially important during this digital age, where phones, tablets, and GPS devices provide plenty of distractions. Remind your teen that they should always keep their eyes on the road and if they must check their phone, they should pull over to a safe place. Of course, you should also ask that they check in with you regularly during their trip.

How to Keep Your Kids Safe While Traveling - The Wise Traveller - Kid on beach

Safety During Plane Trips

There is also a good chance that you might be taking your kids on a plane ride to a faraway destination, and if that’s the case, then you will want to take some different safety precautions. For starters, even though COVID-19 is somewhat under control, it is still important that everyone in the family has a mask and that you teach your kids about the importance of social distancing for safety.

Smart packing is also very important when taking long plane trips to new and unfamiliar destinations. Make a checklist ahead of time and ensure that you pack all necessary medications and plenty of snacks for the plane ride that will keep your kids full, especially if they have any allergies. Also, pack sunscreen for those hot days to avoid sunburn.

You need to be strategic while planning your flight, especially when it comes to choosing seats. You should purposely have your kids sit away from the aisle because not only does doing so prevent them from getting up and walking away, but it will also prevent the chance that your child could get his arm or leg stuck on a passing cart or other passengers.

Keeping Track of the Kids

If you are travelling to a destination where you have never been before, then you will want to be extra diligent when it comes to keeping track of your kids and not losing them in a crowd. If you can afford it, a great idea is to give your kids a wearable tracking device like a watch or gadget inside the backpack so you can find them immediately should they get lost or need to alert the authorities of their whereabouts.

It is also a great idea to equip each of your children with an informational card that they keep on them at all times that lists the address of the hotel, their parent’s phone numbers, any medications they need, and any other information that could be helpful to someone who finds them or if they are separated from you and need assistance.

While we are talking about information, it is important to remember that not all data should be made public. Many phones and devices that kids use have location sharing functions that constantly broadcast their locations, and you may not want strangers to know that information, especially when you are out of the home. Go to the settings on that device to turn that function off so you can enjoy your trip without alerting the masses.

In the end, the experience of a family vacation is one that you won’t soon forget. Follow the tips above and you will enjoy your trip without worries.