Should you travel with your children, or wait until they’ve left home before taking longer trips? Yes, travelling with your kids can be more expensive and is definitely more stressful, but there are so many benefits from travelling together as a family. Whether you’re considering a one-off holiday or an epic year-long adventure, here are six reasons why you should travel with your children.

Why You Should Travel with Your Children - The Wise Traveller - Beach

They’ll learn about different cultures

Rather than simply reading a book or sitting in a classroom, your children will have first-hand experiences of different cultures. Not only will this teach them to be accepting of other cultures and people that may be different to themselves, but there are other invaluable life lessons.

They’ll get out of their comfort zoneWhy You Should Travel with Your Children - The Wise Traveller - Child

If you want to raise children that think for themselves and can overcome obstacles and solve problems, travelling will teach them all of this. You’re taking your children out of their comfort zone and teaching them to adapt to different circumstances that can be challenging at times.

You’ll strengthen your family bond

When travelling, you will meet other people and form friendships along the way, but for the most part it will just be you and your family. You’ll encounter difficult and unusual situations and spend hours travelling in confined spaces, but all of this will bring you together as a family. You also get to spend uninterrupted time together, strengthening your bonds.

You’ll create memories

If you have young children, they may not remember the exact details of your travels but their first memories are likely to of your adventures. You can capture your travel experiences in photographs or videos, or perhaps start a blog documenting your journeys to share with your children when they’re older.

Why You Should Travel with Your Children - The Wise Traveller - Mother and Child

They’ll be less fussy eaters

Kids are notoriously fussy eaters, but if they travel from an early age, they will be exposed to various different cuisines. Subsequently, they will be more willing to try new things and may even add some unusual foods to their daily diets. When trying different food around the world, they’ll be getting to know different cultures and broadening their horizons at the same time.

They’ll learn new languages

Children’s brains are more malleable than adults, allowing them to pick up a second or even third language at more ease. If you travel to a particular destination frequently, it makes sense for your child to instinctively start to pick up the local language. If they play with local children or accompany you to markets to buy food, they’ll soon start to learn the language.

Emma Lavelle is a UK based writer and photographer and has her own blog Field and Nest.