10 Tips To Surviving Long Haul Flights

Even if you enjoy flying, long flights can be quite uncomfortable and boring. It can be a difficult way to start and end your travels. To ensure you begin on the right foot we have provide the top 10 tips to surviving long haul flights and making the experience your flight a little more enjoyable.

Long Haul Flight Survival

1. Bring a Travel Pillow

Most airplanes have their own pillows but they are often not as comfortable as ones you can place around your neck. You can typically buy them in places that sell luggage and other travel essentials. You can also find these neck travel pillows in most airports if you forget yours at home.

Don’t think you will sleep on the plane? The travel pillow is not just about sleep. You can also sit back and relax with them, which is exactly what you should be doing on your holiday.

2. Wear Comfortable, Layered Clothing

Long Haul Flight SurvivalYou don’t know if you will be warm or cold on the flight. If you wear a short sleeve shirt with a sweater on top of it you have the option to cover up if you are cold or take off the sweater if you are too warm. On longer flights some people may also experience swelling of the feet, caused by inactivity, cabin pressure and sodium (salt), so wearing comfortable shoes will help.

Comfortable clothing is crucial as well. Moving freely in a small space will increase your comfort on the plane.

3. Bring Medication

Many people become ill on a flight, especially a long one. Bring medication for headaches, stomach upsets and nausea.

This can be a lifesaver if you start to feel ill because no one ever wants to feel sick on a plane having to keep going back and forth to the bathroom. It’s also good to have these for your holiday so you can save yourself from feeling miserable if you become ill. Also if traveling abroad check local laws before you leave as not all medications may be taken in to all countries as some may contain prohibited ingredients.

4. Bring Entertainment Options

Long Haul Flight SurvivalIt’s not fun to sit and do nothing while you are flying. Bring things to do that are enjoyable. For example, you can bring a book (or Kindle) to read, your laptop to watch a movie, or your iPad/table to play on.

Although inflight entertainment is very good on some airlines, on others its woeful, if existent at all, so don't solely rely on the airline to entertain you.

5. Walk Around

Sitting in one seat for a long time can make your body stiff feeling. Get up and move as much as possible, but at least once an hour. It will help your blood circulate, help avoid swelling of your feet and give you something to do to take up some flight time. Most airlines also provide guides on inflight exercises to help with blood circulation and keep you feeling fresh.

6. Bring Snacks

Airline foods don’t appeal to everyone and it may not be appetising to you. If you don’t eat it might make you feel ill. Bring some snacks so you don’t go hungry during your flight. On international flights remember you may need to dispose of any food items you don't consume prior to going through customs as some countries have strict food import laws and penalties.

7. Don’t Forget the Gum/Mints

Most people experience ear popping during the ascent and descent part of the flight. Bring along some gum or mints as it's the best way to minimise your ears from popping. It can also settle your stomach if you are nervous about the flight. If you do forget, ask your flight attendant and they will be sure to have some on hand.

8. Freshen Up

The air in modern airliners is very low in humidity and can dry out your skin. Bring some water based moisturizer to apply to your hands and face throughout the flight and lip balm also can help, as does drinking plenty of water. On the flip side it helps to moderate alcohol in-take which tends to add to dehydration.

Bring along your brush, make-up and other items you need to freshen up with during and after the flight. It will refresh you after a long flight so you can greet your destination with a smile.

9. Take Magnesium

Many people may experience bloating and flatulence during flights. To help combat this take some magnesium before take-off. It will reduce bloating, cramps and gas, whilst also being  very much appreciated by those sitting around you.

10. Protect Yourself from Germs

Long Haul Flight SurvivalBring your anti-bacterial gel, whenever you have many people in a small area germs abound. You don’t want to suffer with a cold or other illness because of your flight so be proactive and you’ll remain well.

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If you want to take that extra step also arm yourself with a few face mask, cheaply purchased at most airport pharmacies these days you can easily put them on if you feel you are at risk from those around you.  With a little perfume dabbed on the outside it will also help for when the person next to you did not take any magnesium.

Bonus Tip: Enjoy Your Holiday

Now that you know some of the best ways to improve your flight experience, make sure to use them on your way to and back from holiday. Your flight experience is the beginning and the end of your trip, so make it the best beginning and end to a wonderful, relaxing break from life.