If you’re thinking about living and working out of your RV, then you’re likely excited to live by your own rules, see the countryside, and experience true freedom. However, you must think this endeavor through before hitting the road. More specifically, you need to think about how you’ll make and save money for all the potential expenses that can come along. This is an exciting lifestyle, but before committing, consider these money-saving tips to prepare you for anything.

Manage Your Expenses

No matter what you do for a day job, you need to know how to manage your road trip expenses before leaving. The good news is that you’re already on the right track. You may pay more for gas and vehicle wear and tear, but you likely won’t be responsible for rent, utilities, or a mortgage. That’s why, if you properly maintain your RV and make intelligent decisions, living in an RV is generally cheaper than living in a home or apartment.

However, it’s far from free, and although you may not have a mortgage, you’ll have different challenges. Unlike a house that sits in one place, your RV can potentially break down anywhere in the country, and you’ll want to get it repaired so you stay out of danger. You could go months or years without a breakdown or busted tire, but when it does happen, you should be prepared to pay for the service or mitigate the cost. Therefore, building an emergency savings account is a must for these kinds of circumstances.

You can also increase your savings by learning some DIY tactics for RV repair. Although you may not be able to replace an engine, you can still learn to change tires, add fluids, and fix broken items — all of which you can do anywhere. You’ll feel proud of your accomplishments, and you'll save a lot of money.

Instead of paying a mortgage, you’ll need to pay for RV camping spots and parking options, so consider where you’ll stay with your budget in mind. Try to plan your destinations so that you can research the rates and determine if the proper amenities are available. Since you may be working on the road, you should also call ahead and ask about Wi-Fi availability. Make sure that an affordable campsite is also high-quality by reading reviews from other RVers to get the real scoop.

Money-Saving Hacks for On-The-Road RV Nomads - The Wise Traveller - RV parking spots

Save On Gas

One expense you can undoubtedly count on during your nomad lifestyle is the cost of gas. Prices can vary based on the area but also on your location, so you must plan and look at how much you’ll need to keep your vehicle moving.

One way to save money on trips when filling up is to load a few helpful apps on your smartphone. A must-have app is GasBuddy, which allows you to log on and see the price of gas at your destination while you’re on the go. A similar option is Gas Guru, which also provides helpful maps so you can get to the most affordable gas station without fuss.

Make the gas you have last longer by taking the proper precautions during your trip, such as inflating the tires to the correct air pressure so your RV moves along smoothly. Also, look at all possible routes to your next stopping point and choose the most direct one so you aren’t driving for longer than necessary.

When you focus on fuel efficiently, you not only save money, but you also do your part to help the environment. Using less gas also creates fewer emissions, which rise into the air and negatively impact our atmosphere. You can also save money and help the planet by installing solar panels on your RV or using less electricity overall because using electricity also creates fossil fuels.

Making More Money

While you’re making smart moves and saving money on expenses, you also don’t want to have such a slim margin that you’re in danger of running out of cash. The answer may be to make some money on the side.

One way to do so is to look for seasonal work. You will likely find it during the summer and the holiday seasons. Many retail outlets and companies that are traditionally busiest during certain parts of the year love having workers come in when they need them most and then let them move on when business slows again. This can be the perfect situation for RV nomads because you can add on some income and not be tied down when it comes time to leave.

Money-Saving Hacks for On-The-Road RV Nomads - The Wise Traveller - Camped RV

There are also jobs that you may be able to take on because you’re an RV owner. For instance, if you’re good at maintaining your own vehicle, you could work as a mobile RV tech who goes directly to the location of a fellow RV owner to get them back on the road. You could also get into the business of buying older or out-of-shape RVs. Then you can flip and then sell them for a profit. If you ever decide to stay in one place, then you could also rent out your RV for short spurts for extra money.

Consider these tips and follow your budget, and you’ll be in good shape wherever you go.