Once again we are rounding up the very best travel stories of the week, concentrating this time on travel photography and how travel is evolving. Read on to discover the most intriguing articles we’ve stumbled across this week.

Are you a keen travel photographer with a hard drive full of inspiring snaps taken all around the world? If you think you’ve taken an award-winning photograph while on your travels, National Geographic are taking submissions for their Nature Photographer of the Year award. Anyone who takes photos of wildlife, landscapes or other elements of nature is welcome to enter with the chance of their image appearing on the pages of the iconic magazine.

Perhaps you’re a keen amateur photographer but don’t fancy your chances at winning a competition. An article on Peta Pixel discusses how you can make money through submitting your images to stock photography site such as Microstock. The author of the piece shares how he has made $4,000 from one image on the site and how he reinvests the money he makes to upgrade his photography equipment.

Meanwhile, this week has seen a trend for articles discussing the evolution of travel. Business Insider delved into the two Japanese hotels that are run by robots, sharing a short video from inside their doors. Could robots be the future for hospitality? Give the video a watch and see what you think.

IT Pro Portal is also looking ahead to the future of travel with an in-depth article discussing the importance of personalising travel by using up-to-the-minute technology. From something as simple as ensuring websites are fast and easy to navigate, to content personalisation, the article delves into the essential features of modern travel websites – a must read for anyone in the industry.

On the subject of keeping up to date with new technology, Forbes have shared an amazing new app that they’ve coined ‘The AirBnb of Local Dining.’ VizEat (say it out loud and you’ll get the pun) allows locals to connect with travellers looking to sample the traditional cuisine of the region they are visiting. Locals can offer to host private dinner parties in their homes, lead tours around markets or even provide cookery classes for tourists to pick up new culinary skills for themselves.

If you’re now in the mood to seek out new apps, Pop Sugar have profiled MissTravel, a new dating concept that aims to hook up singles with potential travelling partners. We’d advise caution if you do decide to try this out for yourself, but the concept definitely reflects the current trend for thinking outside the box when it comes to new online ventures.

Join us again next week for another summary of the most interesting travel articles from around the web!