It’s that time of the week when we pull together all of the very best travel stories that have caught our eye over the past seven days. This week we are focusing on travel advice with six articles sharing their top tips about everything from sleeping on flights to the best shopping cities in the world.

How To Handle Airport Security - This Week In Travel - The Wise Traveller

Over on Travel Agent Central, a useful article shares expert tips on how to handle the new airport security measures that have recently been introduced for flights heading to and from America. The main point of concern is for travellers who are used to taking their laptops abroad with them, particularly affecting business travellers. There’s talk of the FAA banning laptops from check-in luggage and new security measures are currently being implemented, so this article is an essential read for anyone flying soon.

Image: Akshay Nanavati via BloombergSticking with the theme of flying, Bloomberg have spoken to a marine, extreme athlete and author who travels frequently to ask for his top travel tips. Akshay Nanavati begins by sharing his suggestions for arriving at your destination without feeling jet lagged (don’t sleep on flights, do a few push-ups instead) before delving into how to stay warm in your sleeping bags on camping trips and why it’s worth getting out of your comfort zone.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, the first thing you need to do is check into your hotel. Forbes have published an article this week debunking four popular myths about hotels that will make you think differently when booking a stay. If you’re expecting an upgrade or think that hotels are holding back secret rooms, this is an essential read.

Popular Myths About Hotels - This Week In Travel - The Wise Traveller

 Of course, there are more important things to worry about when planning a trip, especially if you are travelling with someone who is on the autistic spectrum. TTG Media have published a sensitive piece that is aimed at helping travel agents to book holidays for families where one or more people are autistic. These tips may be obvious for the families, but can really help agents who have no prior experience.

Another key factor when booking a trip is cost. If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to head on over to this piece on Forbes that shares twenty tips for how to travel for free (or for very little money). Blogger and cancer survivor Elona Karafin shares her inspiring story before delving into these all-important tips, including standard money-saving tips and more travel specific suggestions.

20 Best Cities For Shopping - The Wise Traveller

And finally, if money is no object and you love to shop when travelling, Travel and Leisure have compiled a list of the twenty best cities in the world for shopping. Yes, London, New York and Milan are on the list, but there’s also several surprises that we bet you weren’t expecting.