Today we will introduce you to two world heritage castles in Belarus.


We took the bus to the two castles, you can buy tickets at 115 metro station Galieo mall.

Tip: It is best to buy tickets 1-2 days in advance. In case the tickets are sold out, you have to take a small black car which costs several times the price of a ticket. Tickets cannot buy you a round-trip, you need to buy a return ticket when you are there. If I remember correctly, to the Mill Castle about 6 rubles, to Nesvizh Castle about 9 rubles, anyway, it is still very cheap.


Mir Castle Мирский замок: about 1.5h Station name (Мир)

Nesvizh castle Несвижский: about 1h station (Несвиж)

Remember to go to the official website before buying tickets to see the working hours of the castle, winter and summer are different, in case they are not open [it seems that the museums are closed on Mondays, I do not know if these two castles are pinched!


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Mir Castle

Two World Heritage castles in Belarus - The Wise Traveller - Mir Castle

In order not to get up early, and small partners to buy a 9 o'clock bus ticket, I did not expect that the Mir Castle opened at 10 o'clock, to just go into, really lucky ~

The bus driver will report the name of the station, stop a few minutes. The place where the bus driver stopped for the Mir castle has a waiting place, next to a small room, that’s where you buy the return ticket or tickets to Nesvizh.

The Mir station, to put it bluntly, is a bazaar, with a bunch of ladies selling things next to the church. From the drop-off point to the castle is about 5 minutes away, the sun is blasting you can see the big castle from the car, just walk back along the way].

In fact, there is only one castle to watch, up to 2 hours to walk through, so if the babies want to go to Nesvizh can take their time to see, do not go too fast, or too early to go, if memory serves, from the Mill Castle to Nesvizh only one bus is about 14:50, want to go to the friends can get off the ticket office first to ask before deciding.

Nesvizh Castle

Two World Heritage castles in Belarus - Nesvizh - Belarus Castle


The tickets from Nesvizh to Minsk can only buy the most recent trip, you can not jump to buy, but from Nesvizh to Minsk there are a lot of people, so in this case, partners can only ask in advance to buy tickets, expect to buy tickets early, otherwise you have to wait a long time or no tickets back to Ming village (there is a way to take the train, to transfer many times, I am not very clear, you can go to the Little Red Book to find other people's travel notes to see)

Nesvizh is a city, so it is much larger than the Mill Castle, from the station to the scenic area will have to use google or yandex map ~ ~ about 10-15min

There are four attractions on the ticket, three outside and one inside the castle. The main visitor center is across a pathway lined with shaded trees and lakes on both sides. You can smell the "countryside" as you walk along the path.

If you walk along the path, you will see the big castle, which is a bit faded from the wind and snow, but still very impressive!

Inside the castle, some places have been transformed into hotels, but the essence is still retained. Straight ahead you can see an indoor entrance, that is the essence of the collection. Inside you can buy tickets and can also rent the interpreter. You need to get disposable shoe covers to go upstairs. Each hall will have staff to show the way. Upstairs is the entire collection of the Raziviu family, but unfortunately you can't take pictures, although it's not comparable to the Ekaterina Palace in Russia, but it's still spectacular!