Whether you’re a full-scale wine enthusiast or you simply enjoy the taste and aroma of a glass with friends, you’ll probably love a good winery tour and tasting. It’s so peaceful out at the winery, and there’s so much to see and explore. If you’re thinking of visiting a winery during vacation, then we have you covered. We’ll tell you the best places to go, the etiquette to follow, and the insider information you need to know to get the most out of your trip.

Tips To Know During Your Visit

There are certain things you should and shouldn’t do when visiting a winery. For instance, remember that this is a tasting. So, while you will likely try many different types of wine, the goal is not to get intoxicated because most of these are classy affairs. Also, regardless of how beautiful things might look, resist the urge to take glassware or any other objects from the winery home with you unless you buy them.

Ask Questions

You should, however, take the time to sample and enjoy the wines and ask lots of questions. You can inquire about how the grapes are picked, how they're stored, and more. There are a few basics to remember if you’re new to wine.

Essentially, there are three types of wine, which are reds, whites, and roses. As far as reds, there are those that are either light-bodied, full-bodied, or tannic reds that all offer a somewhat distinct flavour. White wines are typically either light-bodied and more acidic or soft and fruity, which taste as described and have no acidic taste. Finally, the roses are also either fresh and light-tasting or full-bodied and more fruity. If you’re new to wines, try different varieties to see what you like most.

You can also ask questions about how the wine at that particular winery is made since there are differences. For instance, some wineries harvest grapes by hand and others by machine. Hand-picking takes longer, but there’s time to ensure the best grapes are being picked, while the machine will be less selective. Also, while crushing and pressing the grapes, some winemakers keep the stems on because they feel it adds more structure, while others remove them to reduce off-flavours. Keep all of that in mind during your visit.

The Best Vineyards To Explore

If this is your first vineyard adventure, complete some research to find wineries near you or where you’ll be vacationing, and look at reviews. There are several wineries that we believe you should add to your bucket list. One is the Villard Family Winery in Casablanca, Chile, which has many great regional wines. Plus, there’s a funny llama that runs around with the horses for some entertainment.

There’s also the Bodega Bouza Winery in Montevideo, Uruguay. While there, you can take a guided tour and see exactly how the wine is produced. They have many award-winning wines to discover. While you’re in Uruguay, also plan a stop at the Bracco Bosca Winery. They’ve been in operation for five generations, and they have amazing flavours to prove it.

That’s the great thing about wine. There are places to go all over the world. Many countries have vineyards and other vacation splendours, and you should add them to your bucket list. California is a great destination with wine experiences in Sonoma, Napa, and more. Plus, there are great hotels and other attractions. In South Africa, you can taste impressive wines while taking a safari tour.

Tips For A Successful Visit

Just like with any vacation, it’s vital to be prepared with knowledge and the appropriate items for the occasion.

Research the weather in the area before you go and dress for the season. The best time to visit a winery is during the spring and fall seasons. During each season, it’s best to wear breathable fabrics since the weather can fluctuate between warm and cool. You’ll also want dependable footwear as you’ll sometimes be walking through the dirt during the tour. If you’re going during the fall when the chance of cool weather is more likely, wear layers so you can add and take off when necessary. Staying comfortable is key to enjoying and focusing your attention on the events at the winery.

There are other tips you should consider, like making an appointment ahead of time so you can be sure to get in when you arrive. Also, don’t wear a fragrance because that will prevent you and other guests from enjoying the vibrant aromas of the wine. Finally, be sure to eat something before your visit so that even if you’re not drinking a lot, you’re not drinking on an empty stomach.

These are all the best ways to enjoy your next winery tour and tasting. Remember to plan, but have fun, and you’ll have an experience you won’t soon forget.