Insurance claims usually revolve around house, car and life. But when you include travel in the mix, it is likely to generate some of the weirdest claims on the planet. Some result in pay-outs, and others are fraudulent, with a few laughs as they hit the rejection folder. At The Wise Traveller, we take a look at some of the more far-fetched claims and even stranger insurance policies that go to protect an individual:


A traveller filed a lost baggage claim – over his lost false teeth. They fell overboard on a cruise while he was seasick. Claim: Paid Out.

Who would have thought that a burglar would make a claim while committing a crime? While a couple were on holiday, the burglar targeted their home and tried to escape via the garage. But the garage door wouldn’t open, and so he was trapped for a week, dining only dog food. He escaped when the owners arrived back from holiday. He claimed against the owner for mental anguish. Claim: Paid Out.

A holidaying couple visited a temple in Bali, and everything was wonderful until a wild monkey stole their bag. They gave chase, and the fleeing monkey did what every escaping thief does – threw it over a cliff. Claim: Paid Out.

A family was camping when a parachutist accidentally landed on their tent and wiped out their equipment. Claim: Dismissed (The family were not covered for accidental damage).

A man filed a claim for damage caused to a car door by a wild camel in Australia. Claim: Paid Out – he had video evidence of the incident.

A case of hide-and-seek turned out expensive for one unfortunate family. While on a beach holiday, the children buried the camera in the sand, went swimming, and couldn’t remember where they had hidden the video camera on their return. Claim: Paid Out

For coconuts among us, remember to wear headgear. A woman In Sri Lanka was sitting under a coconut tree, reading, when they fell on her head and caused her to have hospital treatment. Claim: Paid Out.


Continuing the coconut theme – did you know that the Travel Agency Club Direct has a policy for coconuts? Around 150 people are killed globally by falling coconuts each year.

When it comes to senses and tongues, there are insurance policies for the few who can afford them. Miley Cyrus and Gene Simmons of Kiss fame have their tongues insured, while food critic Egon Ronay once had his taste buds insured for a cool $393,000. Not to be outdone, winemaker Llja Gort had an $8 million policy on his nose.

Some insurance companies have legitimate “ghost insurance” policies to cover damage caused by the spirit world. Indeed, one hotel owner in the UK took out a policy against death or disability caused by a ghost.

Similarly, when it comes to extraterrestrial shocks, you can even claim for alien abductions. Alien Abduction Insurance can be bought from an agency in Florida, while a UK insurance company has sold over 30,000 alien abduction insurance policies throughout Europe. Just that legitimate proof might be a stumbling block to a claim.

So it pays to be a smart and Wise Traveller to be covered for all eventualities!

Andy Probert - The Wise TravellerAndy Probert is an experienced freelance business travel journalist and PR specialist.