Updated: 20 March 2021

With the unprecedented situation globally we have provided a number of resources and references so you may easily get updated information on the the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).  This is not an exhaustive list and should you have a resource you believe would be useful to add please let us know at info@thewisetravller.com

Novel-Coronavirus-Resources- The Wise Traveller

General Guidelines To Dealing With The Virus

  • Maintain good health practices and precautions.
  • Be cautious of information that does not come from official sources or you only find distributed via social media channels.
  • Confirm all information before acting upon it.
  • Check your Governments' travel advisory services for restrictions or conditions before planning any travel.

World Health Organisation

Novel Coronavirus - COVID19

Official Advisory Services

Novel-Coronavirus-Resources- The Wise Traveller

General Reference Information

COVID19 Statistics

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