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  • Plane Spotting with Flight Tracker Apps - The Wise Traveller

Plane Spotting with Flight Tracker Apps

Once upon a time, it was 'Oh look, there's a plane overhead'—now it's, 'That's a Qantas plane, flight QF402, it's doing 700 mph at 35,000 feet. It came from Sydney and is headed to Singapore.' Yes, that was made up, but it gives you an idea of what a flight tracker can do. You can see exactly the same on the screen in front of you. Flight tracking apps and websites has changed the way we view the fast-moving dots in the sky.

Category: Technology
  • Will the Pandemic Force Us to Take Fewer Flights in the Future - The Wise Traveller

Will the Pandemic Force Us to Take Fewer Flights in the Future?

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the biggest issue facing the travel industry was the environment. Activists such as Greta Thunberg were pioneering flygskam – flight shaming, causing many travellers to reconsider how often they boarded a plane. Now that we are in the middle of a global pandemic, many of us won’t be taking a flight in the near future. Even when the pandemic starts to fade away and tourism resumes, will as many of us fly as before?

Category: Travel
  • Top Tips for Shopping in the Souks of Marrakech - The Wise Traveller

Top Tips for Shopping in the Souks of Marrakech

Navigating the souks of Marrakech (or any markets) can be tricky. The maze-like passageways can easily confuse and disorientate first-time visitors, and you need to keep your wits about you. Visiting city and shopping in the souks and markets you need few tips to help you out..

Category: Destination

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