From helping you stay organized and safe to navigating you through foreign neighbourhoods and languages, there’s a travel app that can help with whatever you need. Before you embark on an overseas adventure or a long-term road trip, check out the must-have travel apps below!


TripWhistle was created with safety in mind. Mapping your location and allowing you to send or text your GPS coordinates are just the tip of the iceberg. The app also has a database of emergency numbers in over 200 countries, including medical personnel and firefighters.

Smart Traveler

Like TripWhistle, Smart Traveler is another app that can keep you safe and prepared while travelling abroad, although this app is meant specifically for U.S. travellers. Before you begin your journey, you can see what vaccines you need and if any visas are necessary. You can register your trip on the app, and it will also forward your information to the local consulate or embassy in case of emergencies.

Google Maps

If you only download one app on this list, make sure it’s Google Maps! Visiting a new city or country can be confusing and disorienting, especially if there is a language barrier. You can get directions, map a route, and download the app ahead of time for offline use, just in case you won’t have internet access in the future. This app can even allow you to make dinner reservations, see how crowded the subway is, and save your favourite spots.

Google Translate

If you are headed to a country where you don’t speak the primary language, you need to download Google Translate. This translation app allows you to translate to 108 different languages by typing, speaking, or taking a picture. You can access about half of these languages offline, and the app is straightforward to use with clear icons.


Every country has a different etiquette for tipping, which can lead to some awkward moments if you aren’t prepared. Luckily, GlobeTips has information on tipping customs in over 200 countries. It also has a tip calculator if math isn’t your thing.

XE Currency Converter

One of the most confusing parts of international travel is understanding how the local currency converts. Are you getting an outstanding deal on that scarf, or is it a rip-off? Did you tip way too much or too little? XE Currency Converter makes it easy to understand the local currency. This app provides up-to-date currency rates, allowing you to save and view them when you’re offline.

Hotel Tonight

If you need a last-minute hotel room, Hotel Tonight can help! As the name implies, you can book a room tonight, or up to seven days in advance. Not only does this app have decent last-minute rates, but it also offers better deals for those who spend more money on the app. Hotel Tonight has nine different levels, unlocking credits, cheaper rates, and an in-app concierge.


If you’re planning an extra-long road trip, you need the Roadtrippers app. This app plans out your driving route, allowing you to book hotels and plan your stops along the way. It is also fantastic for finding lesser-known attractions, incredible landmarks, and excellent restaurants.


Knowing what to pack can be stressful and time-consuming, but PackPoint makes it easy. You’ll fill out the information on the length of your trip, the weather of your destination, and any activities on your itinerary, and PackPoint will plan exactly what you need to take with you, even considering if you’ll have access to laundry or if you’ll be re-wearing outfits.


Between flight itineraries, hotel reservations, concert tickets, rental car reservations, and more, keeping your travel information organized can be a hassle. TripIt allows you to keep your itineraries and documents organized and in one place, making for a stress-free vacation. You can set up your travel confirmations to automatically be sent to TripIt, and they also make it easy to send your travel plans to other people in your group or to the person picking you up from the airport.