Still planning your 2024 New Year's Resolutions? Look no further! These travel-related resolutions will keep your adventures feeling fresh this year. Read on for seven resolutions for the world traveler in 2024.

Resolution 1: Explore Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations

If you call yourself a world traveler, there's no better New Year's resolution than to visit lesser-known destinations. When you can venture away from the tourist crowds and popular sites, you'll learn more about the local culture and cuisine and, best of all, interact with the locals.

You may not know where to find off-the-beaten-path destinations, so a great place to start is by adding a day or two to any existing trips you already have planned – with this extra time, you can take a day trip to a smaller village or less famous city. For example, if you're visiting Vienna, you could plan to spend a day or two in lesser-known destinations like Bratislava or Linz. Just search for easy day trips from wherever you'll be staying!

Resolution 2: Experience Destinations Like a Local

If you want to experience your travel destination like a local, it's important to sign up for cultural experiences during your travels. While abroad, you could take a language immersion class, hire a local guide, or even take an authentic cooking class where you can learn about local dishes.

Another idea is to book accommodations in lesser-known neighborhoods rather than staying next to all the main sights. When you remain in more residential areas, you'll encounter more locals, lesser-known restaurants and bakeries, and experience the quieter side of a city.

Resolution 3: Travel More Sustainably

In 2024, it's essential to travel sustainably and respect the local environment. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint while traveling this year, you can start by opting for eco-friendly hotels, hostels, or guesthouses that have implemented sustainable practices. Look for certifications such as LEED or EarthCheck.

When you arrive at your destination, you can use public transportation, such as buses, trains, and subways, to reduce your carbon footprint. Even better, explore destinations on foot or by bicycle whenever possible. This reduces carbon emissions and allows you to experience the local culture more intimately.

New Year's Resolutions for the World Traveler - The Wise Traveller - People with Cycles

Resolution 4: Document and Share Travel Experiences

If you've ever thought about starting a travel blog or creating travel content on social media, now is the time! Keep a journal while you travel, as you take pictures and videos along the way.

Then, create a TikTok or Instagram account to share your stories and media from your adventures. Even if it doesn't take off, this is still a great way to remember where you've been and your favorite experiences along the way.

Resolution 5: Connect with Fellow Travelers

One of the best 2024 travel resolutions is to meet more friends who love traveling as much as you do! While you're on the road, you can attend travel meet-ups, connect with others in Facebook groups and online forums, or stay in hostels that hold events for their guests. Some of the most memorable parts of traveling are the people you meet along the way!

Resolution 6: Plan a Solo Trip

Solo travel can be one of the most liberating experiences of your life. So, if you've never taken a trip alone, there's no better time to do so than in 2024! If a solo overseas trip sounds too overwhelming, just start by taking a small weekend trip alone, then work up to more extensive adventures.

However, make sure to stay safe and cover your bases while traveling alone. Tell a friend or family member where you're going and where you'll be staying, and stick to sights and restaurants with a large number of visitors so you'll never find yourself in an unsafe situation!

Resolution 7: Revisit a Favorite Destination with Fresh Eyes

Is there anything better than returning to a favorite travel destination with fresh eyes? If you've got a former vacation destination on the brain, book a trip back to that city and check out the things you didn't have the opportunity to do the first time. Explore new neighborhoods, try new foods, and visit that new art museum.


These travel resolutions will keep you feeling like an adventurer in 2024. When you leave your comfort zone and get off the beaten path, you won't just have a better time; you'll become a better person in the process!